Peak Pharmaceutical was identified as a provincial patent demonstration enterprise.

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Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Office and the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission issued a notice identifying 127 enterprises as Zhejiang Province patent demonstration enterprises in 2013, with a validity period of 3 years. Spike Pharmaceuticals is on the list.
Patent demonstration enterprises in Zhejiang Province are required to have more than 20 valid patents of various types, or more than 5 invention patents, or more than 3 foreign invention patents in the past three years; the annual output value of patented products is more than 50 million yuan, and the sales of patented products account for the total sales of the enterprise More than 50%. As a national high-tech enterprise, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical attaches great importance to the protection of its own core technology and intellectual property rights. It has not only established an intellectual property management committee to actively apply for intellectual property protection for existing innovations, but also vigorously encourages and advocates employees to carry out technological innovation. And technological reform. As of the end of 2012, the pharmaceutical company has 11 valid patents, including 1 utility model; 7 invention patents of the company's own intellectual property rights; 2 invention patents transferred; 2 cooperative invention patents. Patent ownership is in a leading position in the same industry in Jinhua City, and was named "Patent Demonstration Enterprise" in Jinhua City in 2012 ".