Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Approved to Set up National Postdoctoral Workstation

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Recently, good news came from the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Zhejiang Province. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical was approved to set up a national post-doctoral research station with the approval of the Ministry of Family and Social Security. This will be the third state-level post-doctoral research station of Peak Pharmaceutical.
Postdoctoral research workstation is an organization that can recruit and train postdoctoral researchers after approval in enterprises, scientific research and production institutions and special regional institutions. It is a scientific and technological innovation platform with the substantive participation of many experts, with enterprises as the main body, with common interests as the link, enterprise management and market-oriented operation. For a long time, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has insisted on relying on the technical advantages and core expertise in scientific and technological innovation and scientific research and development, combined with the actual needs of the construction of high-level professional and technical personnel, and actively carried out the application of post-doctoral research workstations for the training and introduction of high-level talents. And use to build an effective platform. Prior to this, Tianjin Natural Products Company and Tianjin Flanders Pharmaceutical Technology Company, a subsidiary of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, had each set up a national post-doctoral research station. At the end of 2012, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical became Jinhua's provincial post-doctoral workstation pilot unit. The national post-doctoral research station was declared on the basis of the provincial pilot.
The successful declaration of the post-doctoral workstation means that Jianfeng Pharmaceutical's technical strength and achievements in the field of new drug research and development have been highly recognized by the government; at the same time, it also opens up a new way for Jianfeng Pharmaceutical in the introduction and training of high-end technical talents. Channels; a new talent training base has been created for the company to train, introduce and gather high-level technical and management talents, attract more doctors to enter the station to guide the company's technology research and development and innovation work. Taking the establishment of post-doctoral workstation as an opportunity, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will, under the guidance of high-end technical talents, forge ahead, innovate in technology, and reach a new level in the field of new drug research and development.
It is reported that a total of 39 units in Zhejiang Province have been approved to set up national postdoctoral research workstations. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical is the only selected unit in Jinhua City and the only enterprise within the city level that has been approved to set up national postdoctoral research workstations.