Tianjin Peak Extract Workshop Renovation Completed

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After a month of intense work, on September 13, the renovation of Tianjin Jianfeng Extract Workshop was successfully completed and officially put into production on the 15th.
According to Xu Yiming, manager of Tianjin Jianfeng production department, this renovation is the largest since the completion of the extract workshop. The core idea is to expand production capacity, reduce costs, reduce the labor intensity of employees, improve the working environment of employees, and improve the scientific and technological level of the enterprise. The renovation began on August 15. In addition to the purchase of some new equipment and the replacement of some obsolete components, the renovation focused on the upgrading of membrane filtration system and cooling circulating water system, the renovation of alcohol recovery tower and the addition of post air supply system. The membrane filtration system uses a nanofiltration membrane, which can intercept substances of about nanometer size, which is the highest level of filtration and interception at present, and can more effectively separate the effective components and solvents in the solution; the upgrading of the cooling circulating water system will provide power guarantee for further exerting the production capacity; the newly built alcohol recovery tower is nearly 20 meters high, the recovery capacity is greatly enhanced, and the recovery rate will be further improved and the cost will be reduced; the additional post air supply system is for the purpose of improving the working conditions of employees. In the past, the temperature in the closed workshop could reach more than 40 degrees Celsius. After the transformation, the cold air was sent to each operation post through the air supply pipe, which not only effectively cooled the temperature, but also promoted the air circulation in the workshop. The renovation plan was designed by Tianjin Jianfeng, taking full account of the cost of renovation and the effective use of space.
It is understood that after the transformation of the extract workshop, the production process will also be partially adjusted, and employees will have a familiar process. After the production enters the normal state, in addition to the production capacity of the extract workshop will be increased by 50% to 75% on the original basis, the product quality will also be further improved.