Sunemi Dessa Appears at Sipu

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From August 15th to 18th, the 2013 China Pharmaceutical Retail Industry Information Conference (Xipp), the top event of China's pharmaceutical retail industry, was grandly held at the Boao Forum for Asia International Conference Center in Hainan. Jianfeng Biotechnology Company set up a special exhibition in the main conference hall of BFA of Boao Asian Hotel in Hainan Province to strongly promote Sunimei and other series of products to the delegates.
The conference was co-sponsored by Zhongkang Information, "First Pharmacy" and "First Pharmacy Caizhi". It attracted more than 300 mainstream Chinese pharmaceutical companies and more than 600 China's most competitive chain companies, with a total of 1600 industry elites. participate. Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, Zhang Chunliang, executive deputy general manager of the pharmaceutical company and general manager of Jianfeng Biotechnology Company, and Ni Lei, executive deputy general manager of Jianfeng Biotechnology Company, were invited to participate in the event.
With the theme of "looking for the driving force of industrial development -- the choice and breakthrough in the period of weak growth", this conference invited top domestic experts to discuss the direction of political and economic reform, summarize and prospect the new medical reform, discuss the pattern and changes of the industry after the reform of the super-ministry system, and deeply explore the industrial opportunities in the era of great health, at the same time, many professional research institutions at home and abroad have also released professional research reports on the development environment of China's pharmaceutical retail industry and the development pattern of the big health industry in the era of big data. The conference also held the industry's iconic "Healthy China" series of activities.
As a special guest of this Western Conference, Jiang Xiaomeng participated in the opening ceremony of the conference, and at the 2013 China Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprise Competitiveness Commendation and the 2013 China Pharmaceutical Retail Industry Top 100 Economic Figures Award Ceremony, for the award-winning companies Guest awards. At the 2013-2014 Top 100 Chain Procurement Plan Conference and Industrial and Commercial On-site Dialogue held on August 17, Zhang Chunliang gave a speech on the topic of "Cross-border Innovation in the Health Care Industry in the Era of Pharmaceutical Enterprise Transformation. Zhang Chunliang analyzed the current pharmaceutical industry environment and market opportunities, pointed out that the cross-border innovation and development of pharmaceutical enterprises to "big health" industry has become a trend, and analyzed the confidence and determination of Jianfeng Bio to become the leader of China's green health products from the aspects of enterprise advantages, quality, research and development, technology, etc. As the star series products of Jianfeng Bio, the grape seed extract products are taken as the market entry point, it is bound to open a new blue ocean in the female skin beauty and health care product market. At the same time, Peak Biology will also take advantage of the opportunity to break through, build a brand system, create a 360-degree brand marketing promotion model, and cooperate with chain pharmacies for win-win results.
At the media meeting on the afternoon of August 17, Tudou, Youku, Pharmaceutical Investment Weekly, first Pharmacy and other media jointly interviewed Zhang Chunliang on corporate brand strategy, the role of brand enterprises in the industry, and thinking about the cross-border development of pharmaceutical enterprises to great health.
Among the many booths of this Xipp, the booth of Jianfeng Biotechnology Company is unique in design and colorful. While attracting attention, it also well reflects the product positioning of Sunimei series products to serve women's health. The main star product, Sunemei Grape Seed Extract Soft Capsule, has a super "antioxidant" beauty function, which is favored by many female consumers and chain drugstore purchasing managers. Many customers also have a detailed understanding of the efficacy and quality of Sunemei series products to the staff.
Through this on-site display, not only let more retail enterprises understand the biotechnology company and its product positioning, further enhance cooperation and expand the brand influence of Sunimei, but also play a bridge role for Sunimei series products to better enter the retail terminal market and use the top 100 chain to open up the market. (