Sunimei Products Launched in Jingdong Mall

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Following the opening of the official flagship store of Sunemei Tmall, the biotechnology company has started cooperation with Jingdong Mall. Starting from June 15, Sunemei related products will be officially sold on JD.COM, Jingdong website.
Jingdong Mall is the largest 3C online shopping professional platform in China's B2C market, and one of the most popular and influential e-commerce websites in China's e-commerce field. Biotechnology companies are currently making every effort to expand online sales channels, using well-known shopping websites such as Tmall Mall and Jingdong, and carrying out joint sales with third-party platforms such as Zhejiang Haizheng Pharmaceutical to enhance the popularity and influence of their products. After the channels are fully covered, the company will focus on brand promotion in the next stage.