Spike Creatures: Xiao He only shows sharp corners

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In the fifteen years since the founding of Spike Pharmaceuticals, it has made great achievements in the field of prescription drugs. With the increasingly fierce competition in the pharmaceutical market, on the one hand, the peak pharmaceutical industry continues to invest in high-end research and development, to Junior College drugs, biological agents to expand; on the other hand, a strong entry into the health care products industry. In 2013, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical opened a new page in the field of health care products with Jianfeng Biotechnology Company as a professional team in the health industry and Sunimi, the main antioxidant and beauty product, as a "stepping stone.
Business opportunities in the health sector
Spike dabbles in health care products is homeopathic. With the increasingly serious problems such as food safety and environmental pollution, people's awareness of health care has been continuously enhanced, which has also given birth to the vigorous development of the health industry. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, like many companies, saw the business opportunities in this field, so as early as the beginning of 2010, it started plant construction, production line introduction, product research and development and other matters, in order to enter the health care product market in advance.
In addition to seeing the needs of the market, the confidence and determination of Spike Pharmaceuticals comes from a magical thing-Proanthocyanidins (OPC). OPC can be said to be the most powerful free radical scavenger found so far. Its antioxidant capacity is 20 times that of vitamin C and 50 times that of vitamin E. It enjoys the reputation of "skin vitamin" and "oral cosmetics" in developed countries in Europe and America. Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products Research and Development Co., Ltd., the plant extraction production base of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has been involved in the research and development of OPC more than ten years ago. It is not only the largest professional manufacturer of grape seed extract in China, but also the maker of domestic grape polyphenol quality standards. 90% of the output is exported to developed countries in Europe and America, and the product quality and technical ability are widely recognized by the international market. Tianjin Jianfeng has launched proanthocyanidins (OPC) a glass of red wine grape polyphenol capsules, which are generally welcomed by consumers, which makes Jianfeng Pharmaceutical see a huge market prospect.
With such good resources, why not?
After many analyses of the current situation of the health care industry and its own advantages, the group executives and the pharmaceutical management team have reached a consensus: they can rely on the advantages of scientific research and production capacity, use high-quality raw materials, and combine Chinese traditional Chinese medicine culture and foreign advanced technology. Cooperation to produce health food developed with pure natural plant extracts and effective components.
At the seminar on peak development strategy held on February 25, 2012, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, instructed, "if you want to do it, do it bigger." Jiang Zong personally looked for talents in the health care industry, and Zhang Chunliang, executive deputy general manager of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, was fully responsible for the relevant work.
Subsequently, a series of work such as production line certification, health care product company registration, brand planning, personnel recruitment, and team building were fully launched.
Brand planning to create momentum
Peak Pharmaceutical realized that to open the health care products market, grape seed extract is undoubtedly a stepping stone and killer. "We want to make our grape seed extract soft capsules a benchmark in grape seed extract products." Around this goal, in June 2012, after many investigations, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical hired a professional health care product planning company to be responsible for planning the brand planning, advertising communication, channel construction, and brand strategy of Jianfeng health care products.
To enter the big health industry, and the domestic chain pharmacy is a must and the preferred way. In the autumn of 2012, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical seized a rare opportunity to solemnly introduce "Grape Seed Extract Soft Capsule", "Gutai Capsule" and "Goodnight Soft Capsule" to more than 400 mainstream retail chain enterprises in Sanya, Hainan. This is the first time that Jianfeng Pharmaceutical's health care products have appeared in public. At the 2012-2013 Top 100 Chain Procurement Plan Conference, Zhang Chunliang made a 15-minute passionate speech, announcing in a high profile that Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will enter the big health industry with the business philosophy of "green, natural and healthy.
"We hope to pass on health and happiness to more consumers, and strive to carry forward the great health cause!" "Take today's grand ceremony as an opportunity to set sail for the great health cause of peak pharmaceutical industry!" "Spike has become an industry leader with confidence!" These exciting words made the participants feel the confidence and courage of the peak. The boss of a chain pharmacy said: "the peak is good. Our chain enterprises very much hope that more well-known and standardized pharmaceutical production enterprises like the peak will join the big health industry to provide reliable products for the people and serve the cause of human health."
Let these chain pharmacies understand the determination and direction of the peak pharmaceutical industry to enter the big health industry, will certainly lay a solid foundation for the future products to enter the market. According to the enthusiastic response at the meeting, the confidence of the personnel attending the meeting increased and they communicated with the planning company that night, further adjusting the brand planning ideas and progress of the peak health care products.
Early Growth of Biotechnology
With the approval of Jinhua Wucheng District Administration for Industry and Commerce, Zhejiang Jianfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was officially registered and established on September 7, 2012, which marked a solid step for Jianfeng Pharmaceutical to the big health industry. The preparatory work before the normal operation of the company is also being carried out: In terms of department setting and system construction: four departments are set up: comprehensive management department, marketing department, sales department and e-commerce department; a series of normative documents such as department work responsibilities, work management system, expense approval system and salary have been issued one after another; various preparatory work of Hangzhou marketing center has been carried out one after another.
In terms of production lines: The two production lines of soft and hard capsules in the health care product workshop obtained the production license in June 2012, which means that the health food that has obtained the production document number can be officially produced and sold.
In terms of talent introduction and team building: not only from the outside recruitment, the introduction of some senior health care industry experience management personnel, to promote the company to the right track, but also from the internal deployment of troops, the peak pharmaceutical and subordinate enterprises in the backbone of the elite entrusted with the task, in order to fully support the operation of biotechnology companies.
In terms of product development: Yu Hongjian, vice chairman of the biotechnology company, presided over the setting and primary selection of 35 new product varieties. After discussion by the pharmaceutical committee of the pharmaceutical company, the five products developed in advance were finally determined.
In terms of brand planning: according to the communication results of Sanya meeting, the planning company has made preliminary plans for the promotion slogan, product manual, brand LOGO, crowd positioning, sales price, packaging design, TVC creative script, etc. of grape seed extract soft capsule, and has determined a series of product lines such as "shunimei", "shunile", "shunikang" and "shunijian" to carry out diversified brand promotion.
Signed star big money
On the promotion of "Sunimei" series of products, the planning company hopes to use Korean beauty technology to promote "Sunimei" brand grape seed soft capsules, and suggests to use first-line star endorsements. However, many people think that Spike has never invited a star to speak for him. I am not sure how the star effect is. If you ask a first-line star to speak for you, which star can really undertake the establishment of the brand? But in Jiang Xiaomeng's heart, Jianfeng health care products must be a big brand.
Combined with the star's image, endorsement costs and public influence, biotechnology companies began to "audition" stars. After many comparisons, combined with the crowd positioning of Sunimei products and the promotion ideas of Korean beauty technology, South Korea famous movie star Kim Hee-sun won with his fresh and beautiful appearance and as a representative of attractive women in the public mind.
At the end of February 2013, the biotechnology company and South Korea's Kim Hee Sun Brokerage Company formally signed an endorsement contract in Beijing, with Kim Hee Sun as the image ambassador of Sunimei, making every effort to create the first brand of Sunimei Asian women's skin beauty food-grade fashion products. Jin Xishan also became the first brand spokesperson in the history of the peak.
"Suni beauty, no makeup is also beautiful." On March 5, Jin Xishan posed over and over again in Beijing Xianli Film and Television Studio in order to achieve the best display effect. This time, Zhao Zirong, a famous director from Taiwan, cooperated with Jin Xishan to shoot Shunimei TVC. He has shot more than 200 brand advertising films such as Baodao Glasses, Unification Green Tea, Yili popsicle and McDonald's, and has cooperated with many popular movie stars such as Ren Xianqi, S.H.E and Li Zongsheng.
In mid-March, as the "Zhejiang New News" and "Jinhua Evening News" successively published the news of Jin Xishan's endorsement for the peak, more and more people began to pay attention to the peak, "the peak has also begun to make health products." "Spike is determined and confident this time."
Busy promotion
In order to ensure the success rate of Sunimei's listing, the biotechnology company decided to pilot in Hunan, Chongqing, Jinhua, Tangshan and other places, and then gradually expand to other regions.
On March 8, the promotion activities of Suni Meijinhua Market Terminal were fully launched. In addition to the roadshow of large-scale activities, 21 stores also launched promotional activities such as "Second Box of 38 yuan", "50 yuan Voucher Distribution", "Free Skin Test, Value-added Product Experience" and so on. In addition, Jin Xishan's endorsement advertisement made the bus body and played Suni Meiji on the most bustling LED screen in the city, start the Suni beauty brand, earn enough popularity.
At the same time, the start-up of the Hunan market is also following up. In mid-April, biotechnology companies signed cooperation agreements with several well-known chain pharmacies in Hunan. By the end of May, Sunimei had more than 700 stores in these four companies, covering Hunan's Chang, Zhu and Tan regions. According to the progress of goods distribution, the brand promotion of Shinimei will be carried out through bus body, elevator frame advertisement and building LCD TV interactive screen. TVC advertisement film endorsed by Jin Xishan will also be unveiled on relevant radio stations in Hunan. Activities such as Shinimei beauty pageant and Jin Xishan Hunan fan meeting will follow closely to realize the two-way promotion of "ground and air. In addition to the traditional promotion channels, Sunimei Weibo, official website and Taobao flagship store have also been opened to further promote product brands.
Biotechnology companies will also continue to enrich their product lines. In addition to the anti-oxidant and beauty products, the "Sunian", "Sunijian" and "Sunile" series of products will also be launched in due course, covering the different health needs of various consumer groups such as old, middle and young people.
Hard to pay hope
Jianfeng Biotechnology Company has just started, and there are many things to do, but because of inexperience, every step is almost crossing the river by feeling the stones. The most important thing is to update the concept. For example, the packaging design of the product should not only reflect the characteristics of the product, the packaging should be conspicuous, but also conform to the relevant regulations. In addition to the packaging normally sold in pharmacies, there should also be gift boxes and promotional packages. Moreover, the styles of gift boxes are different for different festivals. The gifts of promotional packages change with the seasons, and different packaging boxes should be used. As long as the packaging of drugs is legal and compliant, simple and generous, it is also very convenient to change. Therefore, if the concept of industrial products is still used, it will definitely not work. In this way, the workload is naturally doubled or even several times increased.
The marketing center is located in Hangzhou and works in both places. Mail has become the main communication method. In the mailboxes of several leaders of biotechnology companies, there are hundreds of emails related to health care products, especially the communication emails with planning companies. No matter how late, they all reply in time. Working hours deal with specific affairs, meetings basically use weekends and evenings. Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, attaches great importance to the health care product project. He personally participates in each project promotion meeting to understand the progress of the project and help coordinate and solve various problems encountered in the process of project promotion.
"We should give full play to the advantages of plant extraction, specializing in green health products, and become the leader of green health products in China." Jiang Xiaomeng has high hopes for the "health care product kingdom" built by Jianfeng Pharmaceutical. He has said this more than once: the establishment of Jianfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the overall and strategic development plan made by Jianfeng Group under the new situation and new opportunities. I believe that in the near future, peak biotechnology companies will be able to go hand in hand with peak pharmaceutical.