Sunimei Hunan high-profile appearance brand promotion comprehensive attack

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Hunan, as the first pilot province for the listing and promotion of Sunimei, has been progressing smoothly a few days ago, making full preparations for the full launch of the Sunimei brand in the Hunan market.
In mid-April, Jianfeng Biotechnology Company signed cooperation agreements with four major chain companies: Hunan Yangtian Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd., Hunan Yifeng Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd., Hunan Common People Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd., and Hunan Jiuzhitang Retail Chain Co., Ltd. to spread goods in its stores and fully promote Sunimei Grape Seed Soft Capsules to Hunan citizens. It is estimated that by the end of May, there will be more than 730 stores in Hunan's four major chain companies, covering Hunan's Chang, Zhu, Tan and other regions.
At the same time, the brand promotion of Suni Mei in Hunan market is also in full swing. On May 14, the biotechnology company signed agreements with the bus advertising and elevator frame publishing companies respectively to carry out Sunimei print advertising on the bodies of 15 buses on 6 bus lines in Changsha City, as well as 1100 elevator frame advertisements and 2200 building LCD TV interactive screens. The elevator frame advertisement will also cooperate with the sales activities of local stores and change the publicity theme in stages to better assist Sunimei's sales volume.
In addition, in order to further ensure the brand promotion and market expansion of Sunimei, the Sunimei TVC commercial film endorsed by Jin Xishan will be unveiled on local TV stations in Hunan. According to the promotion progress, Sunimei beauty pageant, Jin Xishan Hunan fan meeting and other activities will also be presented wonderfully.