Peak Pharmaceuticals to get the "provincial famous trademark" plaque and certificate

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On May 6, Zhang Wenjun, deputy director of the Development Zone Branch of the Jinhua City Administration for Industry and Commerce, and a group of four people came to Jianfeng Pharmaceutical to issue the plaque and certificate of "Zhejiang Famous Trademark.
Zhang Chunliang, executive deputy general manager of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, thanked the industry and commerce department for its long-term support for corporate brand creation, and said that he would use this as a starting point to push the company to a new level. Zhang Wenjun hopes that Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will further integrate trademark resources, assign special personnel to be responsible for unified management of trademarks, give full play to the advantages of provincial famous trademarks, continue to strengthen the construction of Jianfeng brand, and strive to create "China's well-known trademarks".