Sunemei Official Flagship Store Opened

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On May 2, as the first online store of Jianfeng, the official flagship store of Sunimei ( opened ceremoniously in tmall mall, and successfully realized product sales, which marked a new chapter in the development of e-commerce of Jianfeng biotechnology company.
Compared with traditional business, Tmall "Sunimei Official Flagship Store" has the characteristics of unlimited population, unlimited time, unlimited location, online purchase, offline tracking service, etc., which can meet the online shopping habits of young consumers, provide more convenience to consumers, and effectively improve the service quality of the company. At present, the main product of sales is Sunemei Grape Seed Extract Soft Capsule.
Tmall, formerly known as Taobao Mall, is a comprehensive shopping website. It is a newly built B2C(Business-to-Consumer, commercial retail) on Taobao. It integrates thousands of brands and manufacturers to provide a one-stop between merchants and consumers. One-stop solution. Provide 100% quality assurance of goods, 7 days no reason to return after-sales service, as well as shopping points return and other quality services. After 2 months of preparation, the biotechnology company officially entered the Tmall mall.
The opening of the Tmall "Sunimei Official Flagship Store" will help the company comply with the trend of e-commerce development, especially to meet the needs of urban consumers who are not covered by physical channels, and use the huge user base of Tmall third-party e-commerce platform to attract more Consumers. Ni Lei, executive deputy general manager of the biotechnology company, said that in the future, the company will also develop targeted brands suitable for network exclusive supply, enrich the company's product structure, serve consumers in many aspects, and expand brand influence.
The "first order" of Sunimei's flagship store has been produced, and the buyer is a shareholder who is concerned about the development of the peak. In order to celebrate the opening of the flagship store and thank the internal staff for their support, the biotechnology company has launched promotional activities. All internal staff who purchase products through the "Sunimei Flagship Store" can enjoy preferential treatment and have exquisite gifts.