Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Health Products Technological Transformation Project Passed Completion Acceptance

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On April 23, Jinhua Economic and Information Technology Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Economic and Information Commission) organized a completion acceptance meeting for Jianfeng Pharmaceutical's "Technical Transformation Project of 0.2 billion Soft and Hard Capsule Health Products Production Line". After expert review, it was agreed that the project passed the completion acceptance.
In order to strengthen and standardize the completion and acceptance of key technological transformation projects in this city, comprehensively assess the construction of the project, promote the completion and commissioning of the project on time, and give full play to the investment benefits, according to the provisions of the measures for the Administration of completion and acceptance of key technological transformation projects in Jinhua City, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission is responsible for the acceptance of the completion of the project.
The project acceptance team listened to the acceptance summary of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical on the project and reviewed the data. It believed that the project had completed the construction of a production line with an annual output of 0.2 billion soft and hard capsule health products, with advanced production technology and production auxiliary facilities that could meet the production requirements, and agreed that the project had passed the completion acceptance.
At that time, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau will, in accordance with the spirit of the "Notice of the Jinhua Municipal people's Government on further promoting effective Industrial Investment" and the "measures for the Administration of funds for technological Transformation of Industrial Enterprises in Jinhua City", give certain financial support to the project after further checking the use of funds for the project.