Tianjin Peak Grape Skin Red Pigment Production License

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After examination and confirmation by Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Tianjin Jianfeng grape skin red pigment passed QS (Food Production License) examination smoothly in March.
Grape skin red pigment is a pure natural plant pigment newly developed by Tianjin Jianfeng. It is extracted from grape skin by modern biotechnology and is a red to reddish purple colorant. The product is mainly composed of anthocyanins and flavonoids, and can be widely used in food, beverage and other fields.
Pure natural plant pigment is one of the key points of product development in Tianjin Jianfeng in recent years. The company takes "scientific and technological innovation, quality first" as the concept, with the help of years of successful experience in the production of grape seed extract, continuous exploration, successfully developed a high quality grape skin red pigment. The acquisition of QS production license has created favorable conditions for Tianjin Peak to further develop the market.