The plan for the 20th anniversary of the peak listing is determined.

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2013 is the 20th anniversary of the listing of peak stocks. After the study and decision of the group office meeting, a series of commemorative activities will be held during the year.
In order to do a good job in the overall organization, coordination and logistical support of the commemorative activities, the company has set up a commemorative activities organization leading group headed by Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng. The leading group has a working group headed by Li Ziqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group, and is mainly responsible for the specific organization and implementation of the activities.
The contents of the series of commemorative activities mainly include: holding a commemorative art evening party on July 28, the anniversary of the listing, focusing on the programs of the internal staff of the peak, supplemented by the programs of Jinhua local art groups and brother units, striving to be simple and warm; Carry out internal publicity in the form of essay solicitation and series of special reports of subordinate enterprises, and invite social media to make special reports on the company; Further create a civilized and harmonious corporate culture atmosphere within the company; carry out a series of sports and commemorative activities with various forms and high employee participation; redesign and produce company promotional materials.
The company requires all functional departments, professional companies, and directly affiliated enterprises to work together to do a good job in various activities based on the keynote of "frugality and effectiveness", and play the role of "establishing an image externally, uniting people's hearts internally, and promoting peak culture.