Biotech Company Identifying LOGO Icon

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Recently, the LOGO icon of Jianfeng Biotechnology Company was officially released. The logo pattern is simple and lively, creative and easy to understand, which can make consumers identify the company more easily and facilitate the promotion of the company.
The whole logo is coordinated by green and black, and is decorated with red. Green is a symbol of nature, representing vitality and health; black represents a heavy corporate background, giving consumers a sense of trust; red means full of vitality and exuberant vitality, representing hope and the future. The logo pattern is evolved from the biological gene chain, which is composed of three parts: biological gene, the earth and the sun. The biological gene defines the attributes of the biotechnology company and its position of "China's green health product leader" based on science and technology; the earth represents the enterprise vision of the biotechnology company purchasing high-quality raw materials from all over the world and promoting the products to the whole world by virtue of cutting-edge biotechnology; the rising sun symbolizes that the biotechnology company bathes customers, employees, suppliers and distributors with warmth, at the same time, it also represents the company's unity and cooperation, positive corporate culture and healthy and vigorous development direction, so that people are full of hope for healthy life. The whole logo reflects an upward dynamic and aggressive value orientation, expresses the company's product concept of "green, natural, healthy, and environmentally friendly", and also implies that Jianfeng Biotechnology Company is a high-start, high-tech, professional Engaged in biotechnology research, production, sales and service in one of the excellent enterprises.