Paroxetine Tablets Enter New Edition of Base Drug List

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On March 15, the Ministry of Health announced the 2012 edition of the "National Essential Drug List", and products such as paroxetine hydrochloride tablets and clarithromycin capsules from Jianfeng Pharmaceutical entered the catalog.
In the 2012 edition of the National Essential Drug List, there are 317 kinds of chemical drugs and biological products, and 203 kinds of proprietary Chinese medicines, a total of 520 kinds. Compared with the 2009 edition of the catalogue, there is a significant increase in varieties, but there are strict regulations on dosage forms and specifications, so the actual product regulations will not increase significantly.
The new version of the basic medicine catalogue will be implemented on May 1, and the supplement of the provincial essential medicine catalogue will also be started. The pharmaceutical company responded quickly and made timely arrangements for the follow-up work of the catalog adjustment, requiring the pharmaceutical sales company to seize the opportunity of paroxetine tablets into the essential drug catalog, do a good job in the market sinking of the product, and quickly start the primary medical institution market.