Pharmaceutical Company Signed Safety Production Responsibility System in 2013

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On February 19, the 2013 safety work conference of the pharmaceutical company was held in Jiangnan factory. the conference reviewed and summarized the safety work of the previous year and signed the safety production responsibility system for 2013.
Zhang Baoping, manager of the production technology department of the pharmaceutical company, made a summary report on the safety production work of the pharmaceutical company in 2012 and put forward the safety production work plan for 2013. In 2012, the pharmaceutical company implemented the safety production responsibility system at all levels, comprehensively carried out safety standardization work, strengthened safety production inspection, urged relevant departments to investigate and deal with hidden accidents, actively carried out safety month publicity activities, and paid attention to safety production education and training and other management means, and better completed the safety production management indicators issued by the group company. In 2013, the pharmaceutical company will carry out safety production work from the following aspects: according to personnel changes, timely adjust the safety management organization; Improve and perfect the safety production reward and assessment mechanism, and timely implement the safety production responsibility system signed with subordinate units and departments; Strengthen the safety inspection of the construction site of engineering construction projects; Strengthen the safety training and education of employees; Urge all units to conduct regular fire and hazardous chemicals emergency plan drills; further improve the safety production system.
Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, affirmed the safety production work of the pharmaceutical company in 2012 and put forward requirements for the safety work in 2013: to establish rules and regulations and strengthen the implementation of the safety production responsibility system; Earnestly pay attention to safety education and training, and improve employees' self-prevention ability; Carry out a variety of safety activities and strive to promote the construction of safety culture; Strengthen safety inspection, highlight key points, strengthen hidden danger rectification efforts; Strengthen site safety management, strengthen the safety foundation and improve the management level of accident emergency rescue. Golden Dragon hopes that in the new year, we will always tighten the string of safety, raise awareness, scientifically supervise, ensure the normal operation of production and operation, and strive to create a new situation in the safety production of pharmaceutical companies.
At the meeting, Huang Jinlong signed the 2013 safety production responsibility system with the heads of various functional departments of the pharmaceutical industry and subordinate production and operation enterprises.