Pharmaceutical Company Held Symposium on Young Scientific and Technological Personnel

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On February 22, Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, and Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party committee of the pharmaceutical company, attended the symposium of young scientific and technological personnel of the pharmaceutical company to listen to their opinions and suggestions.
At the symposium, young scientific and technological personnel took turns to speak, talked about some difficulties and confusions encountered in actual work and life, and put forward opinions and suggestions. On the whole, their focus is mainly on the training of professional skills and knowledge and the development of career planning, and more consideration is given to how to do their job well and what their future development prospects are.
In response to the difficulties and suggestions put forward by young scientific and technological personnel, Huang Jinlong appeared to share his work experience and feelings after graduating from university with young scientific and technological personnel, and put forward several expectations for them: based on the position, practice internal skills; be good at learning and improve Self; seize opportunities and express yourself; realize the common development of enterprises and individuals. Huang Jinlong also encourages young scientific and technological personnel to take compound professional and technical personnel as their development goals. Jinhua also indicated that it would provide strong support in logistical support.