Jianfeng Pharmaceutical organizes training on newly revised GMP management documents

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According to the revised internal management documents of the new GMP, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will implement them from January 1. In order to better understand and implement the new GMP, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical organized training on the newly revised GMP management documents several times at the end of 2012.
The newly revised GMP management document covers all the contents of the new GMP, including organization and personnel, document management, quality assurance, plant and facility equipment, material management, production management, product shipment and recall, etc. In this training, the relevant personnel of the peak pharmaceutical department and subordinate enterprises are responsible for explaining the relevant contents. The leaders and department managers of the pharmaceutical company, the heads of subordinate production enterprises, and the technicians and above of each branch factory all participated in the training and examination. Training requires all departments to publicize the content of the training.