Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory Accepts Safety Production License Replacement Review

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News from our newspaper  9Month18On the 15th, the Safety Production Supervision and Administration Bureau of Jinhua Economic Development Zone organized a review team to review the safety production license of hazardous chemicals of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company.

Jinhua Emergency Management Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau of Development Zone, safety evaluation unit, review team and relevant management personnel of pharmaceutical company attended the review meeting. At the meeting, Zheng Kunwu, director of the peak pharmaceutical factory, introduced the basic situation of the pharmaceutical factory and forensics 3years of safe production operation. The review team consulted the pharmaceutical company's safety status evaluation report, safety production ledger and application materials and other relevant information, and inspected the scope of the safety production license on the spot.5Set of production plant site. According to the "Safety Status Evaluation Report", the evaluation team believes that the safety status of the pharmaceutical company meets the safety production conditions specified and required by the current national safety production laws, regulations and standards. The production process of the pharmaceutical factory is commonly used, the equipment is mature, stable and reliable, and has the safety production conditions.

According to the rectification opinions put forward by the review team, the pharmaceutical factory rectified the deficiencies found in the review process, passed the safety production license replacement review after confirmation by experts, and filed with the Emergency Management Bureau of the Development Zone.