Renshou Hall Won the Title of "Jinhua Time-honored Brand"

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News from our newspaper On November 12, the Jinhua Municipal Bureau of Commerce announced the first batch of "Jinhua Time-honored Brands" identification lists, including 36 time-honored brands including Jianfeng Pharmacy Renshoutang Pharmacy.
Renshou Hall, founded in 1842, is the oldest existing drugstore in Jinhua City, and its long history has already reached the relevant evaluation standards of "time-honored brands. Previously, because it did not have its own trademark, Renshoutang was once rejected by the "time-honored brand". It was not until 2008 that it won the title of "Zhejiang time-honored brand" by using the trademark of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical. Therefore, Jianfeng Pharmacy actively carried out the trademark registration of "Renshou Hall", which lasted four years and finally successfully registered in the first half of this year. With this advantage, in the application and evaluation process of Jinhua city-level time-honored brands this year, Renshoutang successfully passed the evaluation and became the first batch of "Jinhua time-honored brands".
According to Yuan Jie, general manager of Jianfeng Pharmacy, "time-honored brand" is the protection of traditional culture and craftsmanship. Obtaining this title is not only the protection of history and culture, but also the recognition of the good management of Renshou Hall. However, the "time-honored brand" is not a lifelong system, and the big pharmacy will take this opportunity to further do a good job in all kinds of work, so that Renshou Hall can get better development.