Spike Pharmaceuticals: New Marketing Policy under Changing Environment

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Since 2006, the state has implemented a comprehensive rectification and standardization of the pharmaceutical industry. The implementation of a series of policies and measures, such as drug price reduction, online bidding, medical and health system reform, anti-commercial bribery in the field of drug purchase and sale, and the further intensification of industry competition, have made many enterprises encounter many difficulties in the process of operation. How can enterprises get out of the predicament and regain vitality? To this end, the reporter recently visited Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical with the above questions.
"We have also encountered many unexpected difficulties, and in addition to these problems, the sharp increase in the price of pharmaceutical raw materials in the first half of the year and the new drug bidding model have led to runaway production costs, ineffective sales methods and a malfunctioning marketing model. As a result, companies have had to look elsewhere for new marketing policies." Zhang Chunliang, executive deputy general manager of Peak Pharmaceutical, said.
Change marketing ideas
In the face of changes in the environment, Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has put forward the strategy of "changing according to the situation, survival in change and victory in change", and put forward the work goal of "strengthening management inside and expanding the market outside". It has adjusted its marketing ideas in time, and made breakthroughs in business philosophy, academic promotion, brand building, strengthening management and mode transformation, So as to ensure the stability of production, quality and market sales.
In terms of marketing strategy, the company adjusted the original four-level investment model to two-level investment. Zhang Chunliang said: "the original 'company-region-province-region' model management chain is too long, regional differences are very large, the effect is not obvious. Now it is changed to two-level investment promotion, that is, through market segmentation and increasing investment promotion efforts, the company has set up 50 network points across the country, which is more in line with actual needs and has strengthened its control. At the same time, the company also established a peak new special drug website, opened a network investment platform. And the general medicine and OTC combined, make full use of resources. Peak also adapt to environmental changes to create a professional academic promotion platform, terminal sales model transformation and a series of supporting measures.
The shift in thinking quickly became apparent as a practical benefit. It is reported that in the first half of the year, the company achieved a cumulative increase of 9.7 in drug sales. Profit up 227 percent year-on-year
Establish key products
Under the situation of drastic changes in the external environment, especially when the entire industry has entered a low stage, how to effectively integrate internal resources and implement the strategy of "doing something and not doing something" is extremely urgent and important. Therefore, Jianfeng decided to establish the brand status of products with network team, development prospect, profit space and long cycle, and listed it as the main target in 2007 to drive market expansion through brand.
In the actual operation of product brand selection and establishment, Jianfeng made a specific analysis of its product categories: antibiotic products can be described as the hardest hit area of market competition and lack of competitive advantages, so brain-based marketing is implemented; in the field of psychiatric drugs and cardiovascular drugs, there are few manufacturers, the network team of product sales has begun to take shape, the market prospect is broad, there are certain consumer groups, and the profit space is large, so strong marketing is implemented.
"The company has established 10 key varieties, among which the antibiotic spike cefmenoxime hydrochloride, antidepressant sultan roe and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs are the main products in 2007, and hopes to form the spike pharmaceutical brand through several years of efforts." Zhang Chunliang said.
According to the survey from the market, the antidepressant sultano will have more room for development. A survey shows that in 2003~2005, the sales of paroxetine in the sample hospitals of typical cities in China have reached nearly 0.1 billion yuan. In the sales of sample hospitals in 2005, the suppliers of paroxetine were mainly Serote of Tianjin SmithKline Pharmaceuticals in China and the United States, Leyou of Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals, and Shutanluo tablets of Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceuticals. Among them, the dosage of Chinese products accounted for 19%, while that of foreign drugs accounted for 81%. Domestic paroxetine entered the market of sample hospitals in typical cities in 2005. Its quality and efficacy are comparable to foreign-funded products, but it has an absolute advantage in price, and the average price is only about 50% of foreign-funded products. In particular, Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical's paroxetine is relatively more cost-effective, thus driving the market. Paroxetine is expected to be one of the antidepressants with a high growth rate in the future.
Under this strategy of concentrating superior resources and making all-out efforts to build certain brands, the three main varieties of Jianfeng brand cefmenoxime hydrochloride, antidepressant sultanluo and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drug Listede have achieved quite good sales results. From January to June this year, the sales of cefmenoxime hydrochloride increased by 227 over the same period last year, the sales of Ristel increased by 334 over the same period last year, and the sales of sultan rose by 33.7 over the same period. The sales of other key varieties such as cefoperazone sulbactam sodium, glycerol fructose and puerarin injection also increased by more than 20% over the same period last year.
Strengthen academic promotion
Under the influence of policy factors and market competition, academic promotion is gradually valued by pharmaceutical enterprises.
"We have repositioned academic promotion." Zhang Chunliang said. Repositioning 1: The marketing model of prescription drugs is determined by the attributes of the product. Products with specificity must adopt professional academic promotion methods. Based on rigorous and scientific medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, professional product knowledge and medication knowledge must be transmitted to guide Doctors use drugs scientifically and rationally in clinical practice, and ultimately win the trust of doctors in products. Repositioning the second: academic promotion is the historical necessity of the transformation of the marketing model, but also a rare opportunity. Professional academic promotion is not only the life of prescription drug marketing, but also the common needs of enterprises and clinicians. According to the successful practice of some foreign enterprises, it is to promote the clinical specialization led by the marketing department. By establishing the academic status of the product, it can realize the strict and scientific product selling point to the prescribing doctor, provide authoritative clinical data, provide customer service around academic promotion, and guide doctors to use drugs rationally.
After repositioning academic promotion, Spike Pharmaceuticals launched a series of related promotion activities in 2007. Since January, on the one hand, a series of publicity has been carried out in professional newspapers and periodicals, and on the other hand, discipline leaders of relevant hospitals have been organized to carry out large-scale academic discussion activities in key sales areas. In the first half of this year, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical and the Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Branch of the Chinese Medical Association jointly organized a week-long "Advanced Seminar on New Progress in Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis" in Beijing, and then with the directors of the psychiatric department of more than 80 general hospitals in Beijing. The directors of the pharmacy department of psychiatric Junior College hospitals have successively held Shutanluo academic promotion conferences in Jilin, Shanghai, Beijing and other places. Through the authoritative influence of regional academic activities, Jianfeng quickly established a network of pharmaceutical and clinical experts, expanded the influence of enterprises and products, and laid a good foundation for the promotion of products in hospitals.
Zhang Chunliang said: "The influence of corporate brands and product brands is very important. We will continue to adhere to similar academic and professional promotion activities. In the next step, we will strengthen academic promotion of key products in Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong and other regions."