The First Station of Large-scale Academic Promotion of 2009 Penciclovir -- Shijiazhuang

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On March 21, the first city promotion meeting of penciclovir for injection organized by the marketing department of Jianfeng pharmaceutical was held in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province, which opened the curtain of academic promotion of penciclovir for injection in 2009.
This meeting is the largest one for this product after the launch of penciclovir for injection in Hangzhou last year. The first hospital of Hebei Medical University, the second hospital of Hebei Medical University, the third hospital of Hebei Medical University, the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University and the director of dermatology, neurology and hematology department of International Peace Hospital of Hebei Medical University were all directors and experts of Shijiazhuang City and surrounding cities.
Jin Xucai, marketing director of Peak Pharmaceutical, first gave a comprehensive introduction to the relevant production, operation and research and development of Peak Pharmaceutical, so that the experts present here have a further understanding of Peak and a more systematic understanding of Peak products. Subsequently, the product specialist of the marketing department made an in-depth introduction to the development background of penciclovir for injection, comparison of similar products, product characteristics, indications and children's medication. As a world-leading new drug, Penciclovir for injection has been recognized by all experts present, such as direct entry into blood, bioavailability as high as 100%, rapid control of viral infection, and good curative effect on postherpetic neuralgia.
During the expert exchange time specially arranged for the meeting, several experts attending the meeting shared several typical cases of clinical application of penciclovir for injection. For example, the Department of Neurology of the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University has treated patients with bullous encephalitis and patients with undiagnosed encephalitis. When the patient's condition is more serious, they are given penciclovir for injection combined with neurotrophic drugs. After one or several courses of treatment, satisfactory therapeutic effects have been achieved and the patient's life has been saved; a severe bullous patient admitted to the Department of Dermatology of the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, after using Penciclovir for injection for three days, the pain and blistering symptoms were greatly relieved, and the patient voluntarily requested to continue using the drug. In silent medical institutions where injectable penciclovir has been used, doctors are generally satisfied with the results achieved.
The meeting received strong assistance and cooperation from the leaders of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical and various departments, and Shijiazhuang Region also actively contacted agents and invited experts, so that the participants had a certain degree of universality and authority. it has laid a good foundation for the sales of penciclovir for injection in Hebei Province.