Pharmaceutical company won the title of "Zhejiang Province commercial circulation industry integrity demonstration enterprise"

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Pharmaceutical company won the title of

National Medical Economic Information Conference Held in Guangzhou

Spike Pharmaceuticals "Lis" takes two honors.

News from 11From January 22 to 25, the 28th National Pharmaceutical Economic Information Conference was held in Guangzhou. Lestat (amlodipine aspartate tablets) produced by Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company won two honors at the conference-"12th Five-Year China Pharmaceutical Industry Science and Technology Achievement Tour Award" and "2016 'Brand China'-China Pharmaceutical Brand List".

The National Pharmaceutical Economic Information Conference is guided by the Southern Institute of Pharmaceutical Economics of the State Food and Drug Administration and sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Economic News. It is a recognized information vane in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Under the background of industrial upgrading, the 13th Five-Year Plan of Chinese Medicine is the general trend of China's pharmaceutical industry to strengthen innovation guidance, promote the provision of adjustment, accelerate the new and old kinetic energy plates, and promote the transformation and upgrading. In order to show the achievements of China's pharmaceutical innovation, focus on the industrial upgrading power of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, give full play to innovation-driven brand economy, and play a positive leading role in industrial optimization, the Pharmaceutical Economic News has been carefully screened and evaluated on the 28thAt the National Pharmaceutical Economic Information Conference, the "Twelfth Five-Year Tour of Scientific and Technological Achievements of China's Pharmaceutical Industry" was launched, and the 2016 list of Chinese pharmaceutical brands was released by Mi Intranet.

The Lisid developed and produced by Jianfeng Pharmaceutical is a third-generation calcium antagonist drug. It can be used alone or in combination with other antihypertensive drugs to treat hypertension. It can selectively inhibit the flow of calcium ions into vascular smooth muscle and myocardial cells across the membrane, and directly relax vascular smooth muscle, expand peripheral arterioles and coronary arteries, thereby achieving the effect of lowering blood pressure. According to the relevant literature, Lisid is well absorbed orally, is not affected by food intake, and the plasma protein binding rate is about 97.5.6-12 hours after a single administration, the blood drug concentration reached the peak value, once a day can be smooth buck. Because aspartic acid is an essential amino acid for human body, it has little effect on human body function in the process of metabolism, and it is the first choice for safe and effective treatment of primary hypertension.

Lis from 2003Since its listing, with its clear efficacy, outstanding quality to win the trust of patients, sales have maintained a stable growth trend, become the main varieties of peak pharmaceutical and the main profit-making varieties. At present, the product has entered the national essential drug list, and as an exclusive variety in the national health insurance catalog. The acquisition of the two honors represents the unanimous recognition of the focus of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. The relevant person in charge of the pharmaceutical company said that the establishment, growth, marketing, and innovation of any brand is a very long process. The brand is the embodiment of the competitiveness of an enterprise. As China's economy enters a new normal of development, the brand has become a leader in the new era. An important engine for economic development. Peak pharmaceutical will honor as a starting point, to create more high-quality product brands, to promote the overall impact of enterprises to enhance. (Xu Junxiong)