Can't enjoy the health insurance bonus? To create a big general medicine or pharmaceutical companies a glimmer of life!

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Big general medicine, first of all to general, followed by big. What does it look like? How big is it? "Popularly" to the point of ignoring it, "big" to hundreds of millions, billions of dollars, or even billions of dollars. How is the general medicine made?
First stageAliveDisordered Sales
Different from the overall layout and gradual implementation of sales control as soon as it comes up, Dapu medicine faces a relatively fully competitive market. Living is the first step. It is good to be able to ship without talking about routines. It is good to make the market hot first. Any OEM, OEM, exclusive sales, commercial, wholesale market, etc. can be used.
After all, every practitioner in every channel has his own resources and purpose. As long as he dares to make money, he will have a way. Great governance is meaningful only after the chaos. A product that is common to dust, what do you play with? There is nothing more important than being alive.
Second stageBetter alive.Orderly control
Under normal circumstances, if the annual sales of a general medicine exceeds 30 million yuan, it is necessary to consider the problem of regularity. This stage is of great significance to the creation of a general medicine.
The first step is to empower the product. Establish an academic system for products, find differences between products and competing products, and give broader reasons for selection, especially from a category perspective, and continue to spread, forming a comparative advantage based on assumptions. From product development, history, organization,medicinal herbs, regional characteristics, honor, taking and other perspectives, neither mythical products, nor want to talk about it, in the homogeneous competition, the seemingly inconspicuous advantages may be a huge reason for consumers to buy.
The second step is to clarify the relationship. Establish a strict price system, the formation of price differences, the establishment of a two-level efficient linkage, clear ownership of the relationship between the business and the market, commercial customers. How many first-level merchants can cover the national market? How many second-level merchants can cover the market of first-level merchants? As far as possible, let the specified terminals take goods from the established second-level merchants. In the process of operation, we should pay attention to two points: 1. the formation of price difference, to avoid the price competition caused by price inversion and random purchase; 2. the system collapse caused by the non-virtue of the first-level merchants and the non-distribution of the second-level merchants.
The third step is to establish a model. Look for typical customers and typical markets with strong willingness to cooperate and material foundation, and fully implant the collaborative marketing system through commercial coverage terminals. Let some markets and customers get rich first, and pass it on to the businesses who have difficulties in their own survival and are rushing from left to right through the power of example, "there is a future with me!" However, the parallel business cannot be used to delay the business opportunities and must be killed with one blow.
The fourth step, strengthen the agitation. Build a national integrated control system based on commerce, strengthen the agitation and coercion of commercial customers, and start "comparison consumption" and "blind consumption" from the perspective of sales volume ".
After the "two-vote system", pure sales have become a key indicator for pharmaceutical companies, and only pure sales are the magic weapon to accelerate logistics and capital flow. Business is not convinced by each other, which is where manufacturers can take advantage. Moreover, most of the actual controllers of Chinese business are post-50s, post-60s and post-70s. Specialization seems to have improved, but the imprint of "reckless rivers and lakes" in their bones is deep. Through the power of example, let the secret wrestling between businesses produce "comparison consumption" and "blind consumption", which is what pharmaceutical companies hope to see.
The fifth step is to create a hero. Cast matching organizations and teams based on core personnel and strong backstage, and give priority to amplifying the influence of sales heroes on the premise of strengthening professional operations. The performance of the general medicine has not only the credit of the general medicine business team to expand the territory, but also the service of the strong management background. Commercial sales have a strong personal heroism. The story of a company's general medicine boss and a group of general medicine sales heroes and their wealth accumulation has also injected more legendary color into the refining of general medicine.
Third stageTo live gracefullyAchievement brand
The brand building of general medicine needs to rise from material to spiritual stage, which is the only way to build all brands.
The first step: set the strategy, warm up the country, overlook the category and industry, for the product line. When the sales volume of the product reaches a certain tonnage, it is already equivalent to cash. When "you succeed, you are right to say everything", choose the right time and make a stunning appearance in the right way, release a subversive product strategy, and look ahead. It not only shows its momentum of crushing everything, but also tells peers: "You are already behind me!" As long as you know where you're going, the whole world will give in for you. Competitors will also give in to you: "I can't be the boss, can I be a second child?"
The second step is to inject Lenovo, move people with emotion, create topics and flow, and sublimate product connotation. Visibility, reputation, recognition, association, satisfaction, loyalty, these six dimensions constitute the product brand. Among them, the degree of association is particularly critical and important, that is, when it comes to enterprises or products, what do you think? For example, when it comes to Baiyunshan, you will think of Banlangen granules; when it comes to Wanxi Pharmaceuticals, you will think of Liuwei Dihuang pills; when it comes to Shenzhen Sanjiu, you will think of Ganmaoling granules, etc., to find ways to equate enterprises with products, topics and traffic become the IP of the times, and products, and the connotation is sublimation.
The third step is to enrich the mode, online and offline, pay attention to the operation of new media, and shout for the product. When the "restricted online sale of prescription drugs" policy is about to come out, new retail has also risen from Alibaba's corporate strategy to a national strategy. Online sales have become inevitable, and online and offline integration has become the norm.
Online and offline in addition to the maintenance of the price system, but also enrich the enterprise's product sales, so the new media has becomeMedicineThe darling of the sales era, the popular community marketing has become a sharp weapon to end 2B, 2C and 2O. Online sales are coming, and traditional small and medium-sized medicines are coming.EnterpriseThe same starting line as large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, and the curtain of online competition on the same stage has just been staged.
The Great General Medicine has both a past life that is unbearable to look back on and a present life that is about to shine. In the second half of the L-shaped trend of China's economy, if the population flow has made real estate, manufacturing and IT, then "product + content" has become the key to competition in the second half. If you can't share the incremental dividends of Medicare-listed drugs and don't have the strength to integrate and promote non-Medicare-listed drugs, then the creation of big generic drugs may be the way to save the business. In a market with a concentration of 90% for 13000 businesses, no one is willing to leave the market. This is an excellent opportunity for more than 4000 pharmaceutical companies across the country to finally redeem.
General medicine is not cheap medicine
It should be noted that there is an essential difference between large general medicine and cheap medicine. General medicine is a commonly used medicine, even a family essential medicine, belonging to large categories, such as colds, fever, cough and other common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, usually with high utilization rate and low price. The focus of general medicine is not "general", but "big". Only when it is big enough can it be called "general medicine".
General medicine has five major advantages: adaptation to common diseases, high frequency of use, family necessities, belonging to large categories and very cheap prices. At the same time, it has five major disadvantages: transparent prices, small profit margins, fierce competition, chaotic markets and policy gaps.
In operation, we must recognize the three major characteristics of general medicine:
One, only brand. Because it is commonly used drugs and necessities, patients usually only choose brand products, the price is not the first choice. So general medicine is not the key, general medicine is the key. The top three in the industry are lethal, and at least they have to lean forward to have the opportunity to be consumed.
Second, only convenience. It is convenient to buy. Pharmaceutical companies, businesses and terminals have to send their products to the place closest to consumers. It seems simple, but it is not easy in fact. The author disassembled "convenience" into three points: one is to send it to the community; The second is that consumers can see it easily and clearly. Third, there are talking displays and shop assistants to guide the purchase, which is often referred to as distribution, terminal animation and terminal recommend.
Third, only service. Professionalism isDrugsThe only indicator of terminal sales service, how to build the professionalism of sales staff has become a difficult problem in the sales of general medicine, including the cognition of products, the correspondingDiseasecognition, interpretation of the patient's needs, except, of course, the patient's name purchase. but the question is: why do the shop assistants recommend your products? how to recommend them? how to recommend them for patients? the simple service requirement is actually a systematic project, which affects the refining of general medicine.