"4 N" with quantity purchase! Who gets the biggest dividend from the four blockbuster trends?

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"4 7" expansion of 25 provinces, the impact on the pharmaceutical industry is even greater than the previous round of 11 cities. From the beginning of this round of corporate quotations until the announcement of the results of the election, it can be described as a "stormy wave". It is not an exaggeration for some people in the industry to describe the fierce price competition as "close-to-hand combat.
Expansion of the joint mining "after effect"
From the surface observation, we can see that the expansion of the joint mining, first, the price fight is more fierce than the previous round, some products offer and the previous round of 4+7 "diving price", the price reduction rate exceeded the industry expectations (the maximum drop of 78.35).
Second, from the results of the first batch of pilot projects, the market for the selected products is 1, and the market for the non-selected products is 0. Although the three companies won the bid this time, the mechanism has not changed. This kind of competition law is destined to be extremely cruel, and it is also destined that there will be no winning generals. The five first batch of selected enterprises reflect more of the respective strategies and confidence of the bidding enterprises, and it will not be the first time that the structure of the selected enterprises has changed.
Third, the adaptability of foreign-funded enterprises to policy changes has improved. Compared with the number of enterprises and products selected in the first batch of pilot projects, the difference between foreign-funded enterprises and the first round of reaction will intensify the future competition of generic drugs.
Fourth, "barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes", in the face of zero-sum game, strength has become a magic weapon to win. Although the dark horse enterprises selected in this round have incurred all kinds of complaints, if there is no consistent evaluation of the country's leading strength, it must be impossible to develop such a bidding strategy.
Fifth, this is actually the enterprise itself needs to overcome its own competition. In the quotations of cefuroxime axetil tablets and amlodipine tablets, the winning and unsuccessful ones are between one point and one percent, and the enterprises that have missed the election may have a deeper understanding of this point.
   “4 7"There is conduction
From another point of view, the total purchase amount of the first round of "4 7" pilot project plus the expansion of the 25 provinces this time accounts for a small proportion compared with the overall scale of the domestic pharmaceutical market, and the impact on the overall pharmaceutical market is not large. Therefore, it is not necessary to make a fuss about some onlookers, but this does not mean that we can take the "4 7" policy lightly, because the policy will have a conductive effect-just as the author predicted that "4 7" will evolve to "4 N", and this expansion is only N.TenderA way of expanding the scope.
With the "4 N" band volume procurement in the variety, unit of use, from.DrugspenetrateMedical DevicesThe further evolution of the field and other aspects, the author believes that this will have a great impact on the industry, industry,EnterpriseThe following four important effects.
1. The result of accelerating the reshuffle and expansion of the industry has strengthened the reform idea of "purchasing with quantity, combining recruitment and procurement, and ensuring use. WhateverMedicineEnterprises are willing or not, the new centralized procurement of drugs has been opened, in the future, competition mechanism, procurement rules, marketing rules, industrial pattern, product structure, use policy, etc. will be dynamically changed, "4 7" is only a prelude. It can be predicted that the next step of centralized drug procurement will enter a new stage of "national joint procurement.
2. Accelerating the internationalization of local pharmaceutical companies and realizing import substitution With the gradual advancement of policies, it will promote Chinese pharmaceutical companies to catch up with international advanced pharmaceutical companies. The formation of patent drugs, generic drugs and proprietary Chinese medicine three enterprises in the future development of the runway, industry concentration will be greatly increased, professional requirements will be higher and higher, intelligent manufacturing gradually become the production standard, patient-centered digital marketing transformation has become a necessity for enterprises.
3. Accelerate the formation of the industrial structure of "large-scale enterprises with small and medium-sized characteristic enterprises" With the further deepening of the pilot of volume procurement, the reform of the medical insurance payment system will also be promoted. A series of medical reform combinations have enabled powerful companies to have first-mover advantages, and the strong will be strong, devouring the market of companies with homogeneous products and business methods, and gradually forming large-scale companies. In the end, it will be a group of small and medium-sized enterprises with innovation and technology as the forerunner and product characteristics. These enterprises will show their talents in subdivision fields and complement large-scale enterprises in the healthy development of the industry.
4. Accelerating the Law of Competition The emergence of the patent cliff in China in the post -4 7 period will change the law of competition in the industry dramatically. The soil for gold sales is gradually disappearing, and the era of generic drugs using "new drug sales methods" is gone forever. The themes of future competition will mainly focus on innovation and technology, low cost of operation, brand reputation of enterprises and products, market access and the speed of enterprises' response to the policy environment, among which innovation and technology are the most important.
The leftovers share the biggest bonus
After 40 years of great changes in the reform and opening up of China's pharmaceutical industry, especially in the development stage of the new medical reform in the last ten years, policies have become the baton for the development of industries and enterprises. The marketing theory of pharmaceutical enterprises is constantly changing with the changes of policies, such as from the initial "wine fragrance is not afraid of deep alleys" products as the king, to the sales after the enterprise found the sales force as the king, the channel as the king, only the thrust is not enough, the market still needs pulling force, the enterprise has entered the stage of the market as the king, the brand as the king.
At different stages, various theories have led the way and have been repeated. In fact, no matter how the theory changes, in the final analysis, the essence of promotion has not changed, that is, the "differentiation" in positioning ".
With the introduction of the newly revised Drug Administration Law and the acceleration of consistency evaluation, products will undergo earth-shaking changes on the supply side, and a series of policies such as volume procurement will also completely change the clinical product structure and promote more and more "consistency" between products. The establishment of a multi-compound medical insurance payment system and the formulation of medical insurance payment prices will also continue to lower the price of products.
Undoubtedly, the competition of patented drugs in the future is the competition of technological differentiation. Cost is the bottom line for the survival of generic drug companies. The competition of generic drugs will be the differentiated competition under low cost (including product, business method, and marketing model Differentiation), continue to pursue low cost and high quality in differentiation.
The reform of the pharmaceutical industry will make many enterprises and practitioners full of "maladjustment" at this stage, but it should also be noted that this stage is the early stage of the healthy development of China's pharmaceutical industry. Although it is faltering, it is still facing the sunrise and full of great charm. The future "leftovers" of the pharmaceutical industry will certainly be the biggest sharers of the policy dividends of medical system reform.