A number of 4 7 varieties fell below the first round of the selection price expansion of the dispute began.

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4 7Variety, falling below the mid-choice price
Recently, Guangdong ProvinceDrugsThe trading center announced the "Notice on the Transaction Results of the First Drug Bidding Transaction in 2019", which announced the transaction results of the first drug bidding transaction in Guangdong Province in 2019.
According to Cypress Blue, the transaction price of several drugs has been lower than the previous first round of 47 selected pharmaceutical companies, such as clopidogrel (75mg) of Shiyao Group, olanzapine tablets (10mg) of Qilu Pharmaceuticals, and escitalopram tablets (10mg) of Zhejiang Conmbe.
Specifically, for example, the clopidogrel tablets (75mg) of the Group's European Pharmaceutical Group, like the 47 selected manufacturer Shenzhen Xinlitai, have passed the generic drug consistency evaluation.
The unit price of clopidogrel tablets (75mg) sold by Shiyao Group in Guangdong Province is as low as 3.0153 yuan, which is 5.18 lower than the unit price of Shenzhen Xinlitai Zhongzhong in 3.18 yuan.
For example, Qilu Pharmaceuticals' olanzapine tablets (10mg) have passed the generic drug consistency evaluation, and the price has dropped to 5.7 yuan per unit in the first drug bidding transaction in Guangdong Province in 2019. Compared with the price of the smallest unit 9.6443 yuan of olanzapine tablets in Jiangsu Haosen Pharmaceutical, a selected pharmaceutical company in 4+7, it is 40.9 lower.
Also Qilu Pharmaceuticals, in the first round of 47 drug collection, gefitinib tablets (0.25g) were finally won by AstraZeneca, the original research pharmaceutical company, at a unit price 54.7.
This time, Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) Co., Ltd. quoted a 49.8 unit transaction price in Guangdong Province, which was 8.96 lower than AstraZeneca's 4 7 winning price.
The competition has already begun.
In fact, since the announcement of the results of the 47 first round of the election, Qilu Pharmaceutical's gefitinib tablets have taken the initiative to reduce their prices to 498 yuan/box in Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other provinces and cities, with a price 547 lower than the 47 winning price. For the 4 7 national expansion, Qilu Pharmaceuticals is expected to be a must.
At present, the market of gefitinib basically presents a three-part pattern. AstraZeneca's original research drug Iressa plus generic drugs of Qilu and Zhengda Tianqing.
In addition to Qilu Pharmaceuticals, although Zhengda Tianqing passed the generic drug consistency evaluation time is relatively late, but the price advantage is obvious.
Public information shows that Zhengda Tianqing's gefitinib tablets took the initiative to reduce its price to 450 yuan after it went on the market in 2019, which is currently the lowest price in the country for this variety.
With the 4 7 national expansion, the purchase volume of gefitinib has surged more than 10 times, and all three are expected to enter the incremental market of drug collection organized by the state.
In addition to gefitinib, the price competition between dexmedetomidine hydrochloride injection and pemetrexed disodium for injection is also very fierce.
Price and cost need to be carefully balanced.
According to the September 1 Shanghai sunshineMedicineThe "centralized procurement document for drugs in the alliance region" released by the procurement network breaks through the previous rule of exclusive selection within the scope of the 4+7 pilot-up to three pharmaceutical companies can be selected, sharing 70% of the procurement volume.
3 lowest quotationsEnterpriseWill be eligible for the proposed selection, the participating enterprises shall not bid higher than the previous first round of 4 7 collection of the selected price.
Documents show that the 47 national expansion will begin to receive declarations at 8: 30 a.m. on September 24 (Tuesday). Although the 4 7 national expansion of the offer has not yet begun, but from the current offer, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Stone Pharmaceutical Group, Zhengda Tianqing and other pharmaceutical companies have been eager to try.
However, Qiu longing, chairman of dongfang lue, told cypress blue on this topic that for enterprises that passed the consistency evaluation, especially the first round of 47 beltProcurementFor the bid-winning companies, although it is a good thing to have the opportunity to re-participate in the competition, the price must be reduced to the first batch of winning prices or even lower, and pharmaceutical companies must reconsider whether the winning price can cover their own costs.
In view of the current 4 7 national expansion, he suggested that large domestic generic drug enterprises, from three aspects of the layout:
1. According to their own comprehensive strength, mergers and acquisitions of mature enterprises or R & D enterprises with platform capabilities. At present, traditional small and medium-sized enterprises are facing great survival pressure and will have more opportunities for mergers and acquisitions. In addition, it is relatively difficult for R & D companies to raise funds at present. If the team is excellent and the product lines are complementary, it is also a good direction for mergers and acquisitions;
2, through the way of authorized cooperation to quickly supplement and improve the product layout, including domestic and foreign excellent research and development enterprises or large pharmaceutical companies;
3. Increase investment in research and development and rapidly improve its own research and development capabilities. Although it may not be able to immediately supplement products for sale in the short term, this is the foundation of the long-term development of the company. From the product direction, it is recommended to focus on the layout of innovative drugs, high-end generic drugs with technical thresholds and ordinary generic drugs with a large enough market with cost advantages.
As for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, if they do not have competitive products, the joint development of binding listed companies may be the last way out.