To further improve the treatment of medical insurance, the new version of the national medical insurance drug catalog was released.

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The list of drugs in the regular access part of the National basic Medical Insurance, Industrial injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance Drug catalogue was released on the 20th, and phased progress has been made in the adjustment of the National Medical Insurance Drug catalogue in 2019. The new catalogue will be officially implemented from January 1, 2020.

Xiong Xianjun, director of the Medical Service Management Department of the National Medical Insurance Administration, said that this catalog adjustment is an important measure to improve the medical security benefits of the masses, which is conducive to reducing the burden of drug costs for the majority of insured persons, improving the efficiency of the use of medical insurance funds, and promoting the innovative development of my country's pharmaceutical industry.

This drug catalog adjustment insists on optimizing the structure, has in and out, and strives to improve the efficiency of the use of the fund. There are 2643 drugs in the regular access section released this time, including 1322 western medicines and 1321 proprietary Chinese medicines (including 93 ethnic medicines); Chinese herbal pieces are managed by the admission method, with a total of 892 included.

In order to better meet the needs of clinical rational drug use, a total of 148 varieties have been added to the regular access part of this catalog adjustment, including 47 western medicines and 101 proprietary Chinese medicines. The newly added drugs cover the national essential drugs, drugs for the treatment of major diseases such as cancer and rare diseases, drugs for chronic diseases, drugs for children, etc., which should be given priority. Among them, 5 drugs for the treatment of major diseases, 36 drugs for chronic diseases such as diabetes, and 38 drugs for children have been added through regular access.

From the perspective of the transferred varieties, a total of 150 varieties were transferred, of which about half were drugs whose document numbers were revoked by the State Drug Administration, and the rest were mainly drugs with low clinical value, obvious abuse, and better alternatives.

In addition, after expert review, 128 drugs to be negotiated were identified, all of which are exclusive products with high clinical value but relatively expensive prices. The next step will be to confirm the enterprise's intention to negotiate, according to the relevant procedures to organize negotiations, the successful negotiations into the directory.

According to reports, the adjustment of the national medical insurance drug catalogue is the first comprehensive adjustment after the establishment of the National Medical Insurance Bureau. In the next step, the National Medical Insurance Administration will work with relevant departments to guide all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to implement the drug catalog and benefit the people as soon as possible.