Organization of safety training in preparation workshop

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In order to further enhance the safety awareness of employees,8Month19On the 1st, the preparation workshop of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory organized all employees to conduct safety training.

This training was given by Lu Xianhui from the Safety and Environmental Protection Department of the pharmaceutical factory. He elaborated in detail from four aspects: safety awareness promotion, safety knowledge learning, safety skills mastery, and laws and regulations learning, and learned the concept of safety and safety together with everyone. The cause of the accident, the knowledge of safety should be known, the definition of fire, how to correctly handle fire accidents and relevant laws and regulations on safety production.

At the training meeting, everyone also watched the "Red Line of Life" safety warning film, and the shocking traffic safety accidents and production safety accidents once again sounded the alarm. Through training, employees further realized the importance of safety and expressed that they should always pay attention to traffic safety and production safety.