China will comprehensively establish a unified medical insurance system for urban and rural residents

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 13 (Reporter Zhang Quan) The National Medical Insurance Administration and the Ministry of Finance recently issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Basic Medical Security for Urban and Rural Residents in 2019", calling for the comprehensive establishment of a unified medical insurance system for urban and rural residents.

At present, 24 provinces in my country have completed the integration of urban and rural residents' medical insurance systems, and the remaining 7 provinces have urban residents' medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical insurance systems. The notice focuses on areas where the two systems have not yet been fully integrated and unified, and explicitly calls for speeding up the integration efforts and realizing the transition from the two systems to a unified resident health insurance system by the end of 2019.

The notice requires that in the process of system unification, it is necessary to consolidate the coverage of medical insurance for urban and rural residents, ensure that the insurance participation rate is not lower than the current level, and ensure that the insurance coverage is continuous and stable; improve the coverage of newborns, children, students, and migrant workers. Insurance registration and payment methods to avoid repeated insurance; if there are other medical security system arrangements, they will not be included in the coverage of urban and rural residents' medical insurance; properly handle special problems, do a good job of policy convergence before and after the unification of the system, stabilize the expectation of treatment, and prevent the tendency of pan-welfare.


The notice requires that on the basis of ensuring the "six unifications" of coverage, financing policies, guarantee benefits, medical insurance catalogues, designated management, and fund management, all localities further unify handling services and information systems to improve operational quality and efficiency.