Drugs are being upgraded. Have our medical representatives upgraded?

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Everyone will know from the changes in the pharmaceutical market that 2019 is destined to be an epoch-making year. Regardless of the environment in which we live, look at our products and the pharmaceutical policies we face. It can be said that we are both familiar and unfamiliar. You seem to know everything about drug promotion, but sometimes there is a sense of powerlessness in your heart that you cannot grasp the future.
This situation is easy to understand, just like when we play games, when we change an area, the level of the environment and monsters is improved. If we still stay at the original level, we will naturally not be able to adapt.
Not to mention the changes in the global medical market and the innovation of new drugs and new therapies, just the intensive landing of our national medical policy in the past year or two, you will know that the "healthy China 2030" planning outline issued by the state at the end of 2016 will not be an empty talk. As a medical representative, have you ever thought that if the time is fast-forward 10 years, it will be one year before the goal of healthy China in 2029, what role would you play in that? Can you do this job now?
I think in 2029, the channels for doctors to obtain medical information must have another scene. Virtual reality conferences, wearable devices, etc. will definitely change the way pharmaceutical companies interact with doctors.
Perhaps although you are eager to have your own place in the future medical workplace, you cannot fully describe the working methods and scenes in 10 years. However, you can put your ideas back to 10 years ago. In 2009, Apple had not released the iPad. Representatives of foreign companies are still used to holding DA and doctors to introduce new drug information. Now, doctors are used to facing representatives holding iPad, discuss drugs and treatment plans together.
The development of IT technology and social network has improved the efficiency of representatives and broadened the channels for enterprises to transmit information to doctors. This is only one aspect. Looking at the medical market, the medical reform is bound to rearrange the medical order of patients. This is a reconstruction of the existing interest pattern of medical institutions at all levels. In the future, an accurate doctor-patient matching system will be formed. With the gradual promotion of the construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, A brand-new Chinese medical market has begun to take shape. For enterprises, the original three drug market terminals are undergoing great changes, and visionary enterprises have already laid out in advance.
At the representative level, if you are unable or unwilling to pay attention to these changes, then whether we have noticed that the medicines in our hands are also "upgraded", this should be more closely related to us.
Ten years ago, the vast majority of medical representatives still promoted small molecule drugs, that is, chemically synthesized drugs. Of course, there are also some proprietary Chinese medicines. For these drugs, the requirement for representatives is that you know the generic name and indications of the product., What are the advantages of competing products are basically the same, and the most important thing is your ability to quickly establish a relationship with doctors.
Of course, this period is also the fastest time for pharmaceutical companies to make profits and grow. For companies, this stage is product-centered, and getting approval is the key. If you have products, you can make money. Even for many companies, the bottom will be Jokingly said, don't be product-centered, everyone boasted that their medicines are better than others, and the actual special ones are almost the same, you can't do it well by focusing on products. You should focus on individuals, hire good representatives and take big customers.
Correspondingly, the development of the drug market has also promoted the construction and development of the medical market. The hardware of the hospital has also increased, and the ward building is more beautiful than the other. This is a digression.
In the past 10 years, due to the emergence of biological targeted drugs, more precise treatment drugs have become the rigid needs of clinical and patients. It means that only knowing the name and indications of drugs, or being unable to promote them based on personal connections, requires higher medical expertise, in-depth understanding of the disease field, and even considering the patient's situation, Be prepared to provide more clinical evidence to doctors.
For enterprises, the focus of promotion activities has shifted from products to patients. Let's see if many enterprises have begun to build a patient-centered promotion system at this stage.
We can see that the medical affairs department and MSL this profession is also in this period of enterprise attention and the number of rapid expansion.
At this stage, are there any friends who have fallen behind and quit? I think so, but if you look back, you will definitely have a great improvement over yourself 10 years ago.
In the next 10 years, new drugs will continue to "upgrade" to the era of personalized drugs. Let's see, isn't highly personalized therapy like CAR-T already appearing? When the products of pharmaceutical companies develop to be accurately customized for each patient, how can we, as medical representatives, assume the responsibility of bridging between enterprises and doctors? Do you need to know more about molecular mechanisms, diseases, biology, data, algorithms, etc., or how to provide prescription advice or even diagnosis and treatment?