"Let more life-saving emergency medicine into health insurance"

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On March 3, after the opening meeting of the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee, the two sessions launched the first "ministerial channel". Hu Jinglin, director of the National Medical Security Administration, stated on the "Ministerial Channel" that a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the medical insurance catalog will be established to "allow more life-saving and emergency medicines to enter the medical insurance catalog".
Hu Jinglin revealed that in order to allow more life-saving and emergency-saving drugs to enter the medical insurance, the current management method of the medical insurance catalogue will be reformed and the medical insurance catalogue will be dynamically adjusted. It is expected that the adjustment of the medical insurance catalogue in 2019 will be completed in September. The adjustment of the catalogue will take into account the affordability of medical insurance and clinical needs, and will focus on essential drugs, drugs for major diseases such as cancer and rare diseases, as well as drugs for chronic diseases and children's diseases in accordance with the requirements of "basic protection. At the same time, unqualified drugs will also be transferred out of the catalog to continuously optimize the structure of the medical insurance catalog and solve the problem of difficult and expensive drugs for the masses.
Talking about the problem of medical insurance fraud, Hu Jinglin responded that the current problem of medical insurance fraud is serious and quite common. In September last year, the National Medical Insurance Administration and relevant departments launched a special action to combat fraud and insurance fraud. At present, the special action has investigated and dealt with 66000 illegal institutions and 24000 illegal insured individuals. However, the situation is still very grim, and we need to continue to make efforts to fight hard and fight hard. Combating insurance fraud is the top priority of this year's medical insurance work. We need to "increase three times" and "make good use of three times". That is to say, it is necessary to intensify the crackdown and continue to carry out special treatment; it is necessary to increase the intensity of inspection, increase the frequency of random inspection and flight inspection; and increase the intensity of exposure. Make good use of the reporting reward system to encourage the masses to actively participate; make good use of modern information technology; make good use of third-party power. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen internal supervision, severely investigate and deal with criminals involved in insurance fraud within the medical insurance system, and never tolerate it.