Do a good job in the Spring Festival drug safety examination paper

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The Spring Festival is approaching and the taste of the year is strong. Ensuring drug safety during the Spring Festival is an examination paper that all relevant departments in various localities must do well.

The local government is responsible for the overall responsibility. It is a must-answer question and a key question. It must be done carefully and not lose points. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to drug safety work and have made important decisions and deployments on many occasions. Local governments should place drug safety at the height of stressing politics, party spirit, and the overall situation. The Spring Festival is a traditional festival for people of all ethnic groups in the country, and safety work is no small matter. Local governments must tighten the string of safety, establish the idea that safety work is more important than Mount Tai, make careful arrangements for drug safety work in their jurisdictions, and make emergency plans for handling various safety incidents; strengthen holiday duty work to achieve clear safety goals, Personnel tasks are in place, effective preventive measures, strict inspection and supervision; to urge enterprises to firmly establish the awareness of the first responsible person for drug quality and safety, and earnestly fulfill the main responsibility and social responsibility of holiday safety production; it is necessary to create a good atmosphere in which everyone pays attention to and participates in drug safety, so as to ensure that the people spend a happy, peaceful and peaceful festival.

The implementation of the work of the regulatory authorities is not only an essay question, but also a high score question, which should be done with heart and get full marks. As the Spring Festival approaches, the contradiction between official and family affairs has become prominent; institutional reforms have not yet been implemented in some places. As a result, some comrades have lax thoughts and paralyzed feelings about drug safety supervision during the Spring Festival. All levels should be vigilant against such signs. It should be noted that fluke is the bane of accidents. The famous French philosopher Diderot said: "The biggest mistakes in life are often made by luck. When we make unforgivable and unforgivable mistakes, we are lucky to hide without a trace." As the saying goes: "fluke for a while, regret for a lifetime." To ensure the safety of drugs during festivals, only when nothing is taken as something, can something be taken into nothing.

To implement the supervision responsibility, we should regard every day as a "rush day". It is true that more law enforcement inspections are necessary before the festival, but supervision during and after the festival cannot be slackened. Because festivals are not the "end day" of fake and shoddy products and potential safety hazards, on the contrary, festivals are often "festivals" of fake and shoddy products and potential safety hazards ". During and after the festival, we should take tourist attractions, stations, docks, urban-rural junctions, etc. as key areas, strengthen the supervision of the circulation of drugs and medical devices, and strictly prevent fake and shoddy drugs, medical devices and cosmetics from entering the market; we should strengthen the monitoring of adverse drug reactions and adverse events of medical devices, so as to achieve early detection, early warning and early handling; we should keep the complaint reporting channels open 24 hours, Encourage consumers to complain according to report, safeguard legitimate rights and interests; it is necessary to strengthen the allocation of forces on duty, strengthen the post responsibility system, and strictly implement the system of 24-hour special personnel on duty and leading cadres on duty and going out to report, so as to ensure the normal operation of all work during the festival.

During the festival, it is a bonus point to carry out the popularization of drug safety science and make drug safety a cultural element of the Spring Festival. We should take the initiative to do a good job and strive for extra points. Around us, there is no lack of popular science knowledge of drug safety, but the lack of "open way". "How to equip a household medicine box", "How to manage a household medicine box", "How to properly store all kinds of household medicines", "What are the main household medical devices", "How to choose and buy household medical devices", "What should I pay attention to when buying household medical devices", "Why do I often hear that there are so-called" cosmeceuticals "abroad, but there is no concept of" cosmeceuticals "in China's cosmetics?" what is the difference between oligopeptide -1 and epidermal growth factor (EGF)? Can EGF be used as a cosmetic raw material? ...... Open the official website of the State Drug Administration, you can not only learn practical knowledge of "two products and one weapon", but also master the methods and skills of identifying and cracking down on counterfeit goods.

Don't be helpless, just be unmotivated. Nowadays, people's cultural needs are increasingly rich and diverse, which puts forward new requirements for the level of public cultural services. According to statistics, China's reading population grew by nearly 30 million in 2018, an increase of 19%. Meeting the cultural needs of the public is promising. Far from it, as far as this system is concerned, the popular science books on safe drug use of China Medical Science and Technology Publishing House and the popular science articles of the Health Weekly Edition of China Medical News provide strong content support for the Spring Festival popular science publicity of drug regulatory departments in various places. As long as it is effectively connected with the local department's Wechat, Weibo, official account, etc., it can not only add the cultural elements of the Spring Festival, but also increase the safety factor of drug use during the festival.

The Spring Festival is the Chinese nation looking forward to the auspicious New Year festival. The government is the "night watchman" of the people ". Let us use great love and perseverance to enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security, and hand over a satisfactory examination paper to the people.