New Employee Induction Training Feelings

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Pharmaceutical Company Center LaboratoryHong Bingyu

As a high-quality development enterprise, the required employees must also love the peak, have the ability, have confidence, then we must continue to progress, and enterprise growth. First of all, our mentality must be adjusted. Working in an enterprise is no better than studying in school. We need to become responsible for ourselves and the enterprise. Some mistakes can be corrected, while others need to be avoided. Each of us is eager to succeed, but success is not that everyone is a leader, but to maximize their abilities and gain benefits, consciously or unconsciously set a career plan for themselves, and find their own through self-analysis Position, constantly learn to enrich your knowledge, seize your own opportunities, and move forward hard and diligently. From"I thinkToI canPut your thoughts into action, form good habits, shape good morals, and control your own destiny. If you encounter differences, you can consider a win-win situation. If you encounter a choice, you need to know how to give up or grasp it. When we have defined our dreams and planned our way, we will start to act immediately. Don't waste your time. Of course, having both ability and political integrity is the pursuit, but virtue is the basic. Only by establishing a correct moral outlook can we take on our own life.

Production Technology Department of Pharmaceutical CompanyNi Zhenyu

Spike 60Years of history are full of admirable stories,1958Year of creation,1993In the year of listing, as well as the wind and rain behind, the peak people have been forging ahead. As new employees, we should do a good job in our post with fresh enthusiasm and full spirit, and we should have the attitude of learning management, production and marketing to further grow ourselves. The evergreen of an enterprise requires us to be young in attitude, to innovate, to try, to do things, and then to tell ourselves to work harder.

Entering the peak may only be a small step on our way to life, but I firmly believe that it will be a big step on our way to growth.

Pharmaceutical Sales CompanyYe Xiaomin

Entering a unit, we may face many new challenges, but this is also a new opportunity. We must learn to grasp these opportunities and achieve a win-win situation with the company. Jiang always introduced 18 that we new spikes should understand.A key word. The survival and development of enterprises are related to many factors. We should learn to coordinate the relationship between companies, individuals and even the government, protect the company's reputation, understand and abide by the rules and policies in the market competition, and develop the company with a more healthy management mode. We should also constantly improve our skills, read more books after work, learn more about new policies and trends related to ourselves, constantly enrich ourselves, and make continuous progress in healthy competition.