Public hospitals not allowed to rent out managed pharmacies

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In order to ensure the efficiency of drug registration and supply for the masses, a few days ago, the municipal health and health Committee issued a document saying that an internal coordination mechanism for drug demand will be established in the future, and the district health and family planning committees will report and continuously monitor the shortage of drugs that need to be coordinated. At the same time, primary medical institutions will give priority to the provision of hypertension, diabetes and other long prescription management drugs.

The Municipal Health Commission requires that all medical institutions adhere to the public welfare of public hospitals, and resolutely prevent public hospitals from contracting or renting pharmacies, or hosting pharmacies from for-profit enterprises.

Medical institutions should scientifically set up pharmaceutical posts and increase the allocation of pharmaceutical personnel according to factors such as functional positioning and the amount of diagnosis and treatment services. It is necessary to establish a performance appraisal system in line with the characteristics of pharmaceutical services, and link it with the salary payment, post employment, and promotion of professional titles of pharmacists, so as to improve the level of treatment of pharmacists and stabilize and strengthen the team of pharmacists. It is necessary to strengthen prescription review, prescription review and centralized review of regional prescriptions to promote rational drug use. At the same time, medical institutions should strengthen the standardized management of electronic prescriptions, ensure information marks in key links such as prescription review, allocation and verification, ensure the traceability of prescriptions, and implement unified online and offline supervision.

Pharmaceutical services will also be included in the construction of medical consortia, promote graded diagnosis and treatment work, and promote the sinking of pharmaceutical services to the grass-roots level. All medical institutions in the medical association should strengthen the connection of drug use. Based on basic drugs, primary medical and health institutions should give priority to long-term prescription management drugs for chronic diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and stroke, and match them with large hospitals in the medical association.