Health centers, community health centers surprise special inspection! These 21 are important.

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The medical network news on October 10 is true. The surprise inspection has already begun. Health centers and community health service centers should pay attention to the comprehensive inspection in the near future!
According to reliable information provided by peers, the special rectification of vaccination has begun in many areas. The ongoing special rectification is mainly aimed at health centers and community health service centers, and some counties and cities have been designated as mandatory areas by the state. Time is tight and the task is heavy, which requires everyone's attention.
Recently, relevant local departments are jointly organizing law enforcement supervision and inspection. According to the checklist of vaccination units, the author has sorted out the following 21 items in three categories for peer reference.
Category I, Integrated Management 7Item
The inspection includes:
Qualifications of institutions and personnel; early warning system; three checks and seven pairs system; vaccination rating system; information management; vaccine information publicity.
Specific details:
1. The vaccination unit must be designated by the superior health administrative department to carry out the corresponding vaccination work;
2. The staff responsible for vaccination must receive professional vaccination training and participate in the examination of relevant departments or units before they can take up their posts;
3. Establish a corresponding system, requiring the system to be put on the wall or sorted out into a book, including the establishment of a vaccine expiration early warning system by vaccination institutions; Establish a three-check, seven-to-one inspection system for vaccination; Establish a vaccination registration system (including Class II vaccines); Publicize information about Class I and Class II vaccines in a prominent position.
4. Vaccination information management system is a software system that realizes the collection, registration, entry and network reporting of child vaccination case information. All vaccination units must ensure its use.
The second category, vaccination management 6Item
Inspection contents: on-site inspection of vaccine source, vaccine certificate, transportation and storage management, etc.
Specific details are as follows:
1, the second type of vaccine must be purchased through the provincial public resources trading platform;
2, the vaccine has a batch issued certificate (imported vaccine customs clearance copy) and kept more than 5 years of vaccine validity;
3. Verify the vaccine transportation equipment, time, temperature records and other information during vaccination. There is a "Vaccine Transportation Temperature Record Form" and the vaccine is completed and kept for 5 years.
4, vaccine storage has a temperature test record;
5, expired vaccines, scrapped vaccines have disposal registration records;
6, vaccine storage information should be complete and accurate records, so that the Nissin monthly settlement, accounting consistency.
Among them, we need to pay attention to the fact that all records must have special account books, especially the registration book of vaccine entry and exit. The information of vaccine entry and exit must be carefully checked to eliminate inconsistencies.
The third category, inoculation management 8Item
Inspection contents: operation standard degree of inoculation personnel
Specific details are as follows:
1. Inform (ask) the vaccinator or guardian about the situation before vaccination;
2. Examine the recipientsHealthCondition and contraindications to vaccination;
3, check the vaccination card (book) and.ChildrenVaccination prevention certificate;
4, check the vaccine, syringe appearance and batch number;
5, check the name of the recipient, age, vaccine name, specifications, dosage, vaccination site, vaccination route;
6. Before vaccination, the vaccinator or guardian should verify the type and validity of the vaccine;
7, timely handling or reporting of vaccination abnormal reaction or suspected vaccination abnormal reaction;
8, the implementation of vaccination medical and health personnel in accordance with the provisions to fill in and keep vaccination records.
What I want to emphasize again here is that the first is to register the vaccination records in time and ensure their accuracy. The second is to pay attention to the vaccination taboos. Parents and children should be reminded repeatedly that they cannot be vaccinated to avoid abnormal reactions.
It is understood that in some special spot checks, the common reactions of relevant departments include: irregular registration of vaccination units; Some institutions did not attach temperature monitoring records during storage and transportation and photocopies of certificates for batch issuance of biological products when distributing vaccines. The first-class vaccine ledger was not filled in strictly according to the instructions in the form, and there were empty items, missing items and random alteration. The registration items and elements of the second-class vaccine ledger are incomplete. These projects, the author reminds everyone to focus on self-examination.
In June of this year, the National Health Commission issued a document stating that all vaccination units established in the CDC will be closed this year, and a public health doctor will be provided to qualified township health centers and community health service centers for vaccination clinics in 3-5 years.
The key lead unit of vaccination has been transferred from CDC to health centers and community health service centers, which also means that some important links of vaccination will be fully responsible for by primary medical institutions.
With the official landing of the "Vaccine Management Law", vaccine safety issues are not only the focus of the whole society's vaccination population, but also the key constraints of national laws and key investigations by law enforcement units. Its importance is self-evident.
As the key unit of vaccination, we must always remind ourselves that vaccine safety is related to the life safety of vaccinated individuals, and all the details need to be paid more attention to in the usual specific work. This inspection is only the beginning, and it may be stricter and more detailed in the future.