18th China Pharmacist Week Launched

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On November 24, the 18th China Pharmacist Week was launched in Nanjing. As one of the activities of "national safe drug use month", the 18th China pharmacist week is sponsored by China Pharmaceutical Association, and undertaken by China Pharmaceutical University, Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association, Nanjing Pharmaceutical Association and science and technology development center of China Pharmaceutical Association.
At the opening ceremony of the 18th Pharmacist Week, Sun Xianze, chairman of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, said that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the development of my country's pharmaceutical industry is facing a new situation: first, the pharmaceutical industry has been transformed and upgraded, and the supply guarantee capacity has been significantly improved; second, the drug review The reform of the examination and approval system has been deepened, and the basic drug system has been fully implemented. Fourth, health poverty alleviation helps fight poverty. In this context, pharmacists should actively cooperate with the reform of the medical and health system, actively improve the level of pharmaceutical care, and carry out the popularization of safe drug use to improve public health literacy.
Gong Jianping, deputy director of the Department of Comprehensive Planning and Finance of the State Drug Administration, said that since 2007, the State Drug Administration has organized the "National Safe Drug Month" every year. China Pharmacist Week is one of the important activities of the "National Safe Drug Month". It has become an important channel for publicizing drug safety policies. It is of great significance for promoting the progress of my country's pharmaceutical science and technology and continuously improving the level of drug safety. Ensuring the safety of public medication is closely related to the vital interests of the people. It is also a complex system engineering. It not only requires the promotion of scientific and technological development, but also requires social rational cognition. It also requires all sectors of society to build consensus and give full play to their respective advantages in scientific and technological research and development and pharmaceutical services., Policy publicity, data research and popular science publicity, etc. work together to form a joint force to continuously improve the level of drug safety governance, promote the formation of a social co-governance pattern of drug safety.
At the opening ceremony, the "China Pharmaceutical Association Hospital Drug Monitoring Report" was released. The report selects a continuous sample of hospitals from June 2013 to June 2018, and is divided into three major sections: all drugs (chemical drugs and biological drugs), the 2012 version of the national essential drug list drugs, and the medical insurance list drugs., The usage situation was analyzed.
In the report session of the conference, Yu Jingjin, Director of the Department of Drug Policy and Essential Drug System of the National Health Commission, made a special report entitled "Improving the National Essential Drug System and Improving the Drug Supply Guarantee System" to guide pharmacists to understand and master the new policy.
In several sub-forums of the conference, a number of experts will discuss topics such as the work and practice of clinical pharmacy of traditional Chinese medicine, scientific and technological communication and pharmaceutical services.
At the same time, the conference also held a series of popular science publicity and public welfare activities of "Hello Pharmacist" and a popular science photo exhibition of "Scientific Drug Popularization and Poverty Alleviation". In addition, the popular science publicity and public welfare activities of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association with the theme of "Science Sea Sailing Dreams Set Sail" were held at China Pharmaceutical University, and many college students became volunteers for popular science publicity of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association.