The National Health Insurance Bureau will launch a new round of anti-cancer drug health insurance negotiations.

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The reporter learned from the National Medical Security Administration on the 13th that the National Medical Security Administration will carry out special negotiations on medical insurance access for anticancer drugs in 2018.

It is understood that the National Health Insurance Bureau has entrusted the relevant academic associations to hold some enterprise communication meetings on this special negotiation work. Relevant representatives of 10 foreign-funded enterprises and 8 domestic-funded enterprises participating in the meeting said that they will actively cooperate with the National Medical Insurance Administration to do a good job in this negotiation, reflect the corporate sense of social responsibility, and truly make patients use good and affordable medicines.

For a period of time, the shortage of anti-cancer drugs, expensive and other issues have attracted much attention. In response, the person in charge of the National Medical Insurance Bureau said that in terms of anti-cancer drugs, most of the drugs commonly used in clinical practice with definite curative effect have been included in the scope of medical insurance payment. In particular, in 2017, the negotiation on access to the list of medical insurance drugs included 15 more effective but more expensive cancer treatment drugs, such as Herceptin, Merohua, Velcade, etc. Through the dual effects of negotiated price reduction and medical insurance reimbursement, the burden on patients was greatly reduced. The relevant person in charge of the National Medical Insurance Administration said that the relevant departments actively implement the follow-up measures to reduce taxes on anti-cancer drugs, and urge the promotion of anti-cancer drugs to speed up the price reduction, so that the people have more sense of gain.