National Health Commission: Internet hospitals must be landed in physical medical institutions.

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Jiao Yahui, the relevant person in charge of the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration of the National Health Commission, said on the 26th that Internet hospitals must be landed in physical medical institutions. Increase the main responsibility of medical and health services, online and offline unified supervision to ensure the quality and safety of "Internet + medical and health" services.

Jiao Yahui said at a regular press conference of the National Health Commission that medical institutions and Internet hospitals will be strengthened to assume the main responsibility for adverse medical events or damage events, and promote Internet companies to take the initiative to perform their responsibilities.

An image sheet allows patients in remote areas to enjoy remote online diagnosis by experts from 3A hospitals without leaving the county. Experts from the telemedicine management and training center of the National Health Commission said that medical health with the "wings of the Internet" will significantly expand the service radius and promote the sinking of resources. Escort the development of "Internet and medical health" to continue to strengthen data standards, diagnosis and treatment norms and the construction of collaborative rules.

The reporter learned that China is studying the introduction of Internet hospital management measures and other supporting documents to define Internet hospitals and clarify the relevant registration process.

In order to make the supervision "visible and tangible", China will also speed up the digital authentication of doctors' identities to ensure the traceability of diagnosis and treatment services. It is understood that at present, China has established a unified electronic registration information database for doctors, which can query the information of medical institutions, doctors and nurses across the country.

The relevant person in charge said that in order to effectively prevent risks, protect privacy and data security, the next step will be to implement the national network security hierarchical protection system, and study and formulate laws and regulations on the confirmation and opening of medical and health data, circulation transactions, and property rights protection.