Peak Pharmaceuticals Ranked "Top 100 Chinese Drugs"

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The National Pharmacy Week and China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development Conference was held in Jinan, Shandong Province.2018Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co.TOP100Leaderboard "No.74Bit.

2018The annual list of China's top 100 pharmaceutical industry series is divided into "Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises"TOP100Rankings "" Chinese Traditional Medicine EnterprisesTOP100Rankings "" ChinaCRO(includingCDMO) EnterpriseTOP20Rankings "" Chinese Medical Devices (incl.IVD) EnterpriseTOP20China's biomedical (including blood products, vaccines, insulin, etc.) enterprisesTOP20Leaderboard"5Big son list. "Chinese Pharmaceutical EnterprisesTOP100The term "chemical pharmaceutical enterprises" in the "ranking list" refers to the sales of chemical pharmaceutical terminals as a percentage of the total terminal revenue of the enterprises.51%The above businesses. The selection score consists of two parts, one is the innovation driving force of the enterprise, namely2018Annual R & D investmentR&Dcomposite index score, accounting40%weight; the second is the professional promotion power of the enterprise, I .e.2018The final selection needs of clinicians and patients are determined by the terminal quantitative data, accounting.60%Weight; the objects participating in the selection are pharmaceutical industry enterprises registered in China (excluding subsidiaries of multinational pharmaceutical enterprises in China) and whose main business is pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The convening of the conference and the release of the list have received widespread attention from the industry. Relevant leaders of the state and Shandong Province attended the meeting. The chief scientist of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Professor Wang Guangji of China Pharmaceutical University also participated in the meeting. The shortlist of the top 100 Chinese drugs has further enhanced the brand influence and reputation of Spike Pharmaceuticals.