Three opportunities for pharmacies to sell drugs in 2018

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Set sail in 2018, drug retail or facing three major opportunities, pharmacies can seize!

  1To undertake outflow prescription

Prescription outflow is an old topic, but it is definitely a new hot spot. Taking stock of policies and markets, it is not difficult to see the trend of prescription outflow in 2018.

in recent years the outflow of prescription related policies:

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In 2016 and 2017, the state made prescription outflow a priority, with some favorable policies frequently listed. At the instigation of the policy, in 2017, various modes will broaden the outflow channels of prescriptions, and a series of new formats for outflow prescriptions, such as electronic prescriptions, remote prescription review and micro-consultation, will gradually take shape. That 2018 is undoubtedly the time for the outflow of prescriptions to change from "quantitative change" to "qualitative change.

Of course, national policy support and encouragement, as well as market widening drainage will accelerate the outflow of prescriptions, but how pharmacies safely undertake is the key to the outflow of prescriptions.

  2, upgrade to medical insurance store

"Universal health care" is not a slogan, but a drive. In alleviating the problem of "difficult and expensive medical treatment" for the people, medical insurance consumption has become a general trend, and the upgrading of ordinary pharmacies to medical insurance stores will benefit more.

The agreement system was implemented for two years, the fire, the national health insurance pharmacy volume increased. It is understood that the four major chain pharmacies in China are still increasing, and their proportion is far higher than that of ordinary pharmacies, with 77.9 per cent of the common people ranking first, 77.6 per cent of Yixintang, 66.04 per cent of Dasenlin and 62.3 per cent of Yifeng.

As the bosses of domestic chain pharmacies, the common people, Yixintang, Dasenlin and Yifeng are constantly increasing the proportion of their medical insurance stores while expanding, which undoubtedly takes a fancy to the benefits brought by the medical insurance stores.

Now that the state intends to increase health insurance stores, pharmacies should seize the opportunity in 2018.

  3Broaden the scope of business

The state "release, control and service" is by no means a slogan. From the cancellation of A, B and C certificates for online drug sales, to the integration of multiple certificates for drug retail, and to the cancellation of GSP certification fees, a series of favorable business policies have occurred frequently.

At the same time, there are many good documents for the expansion of the business scope of pharmacies. On November 3, the General Administration issued a notice on "medical device business record", requiring relevant institutions to simplify the filing materials submitted by medical device business enterprises, optimize the handling procedures, and check and issue certificates on the spot for the second and third types of medical device operators. On December 21, Anhui Province issued the guidance on "transformation and upgrading of drug circulation enterprises", pointing out that when enterprises apply to increase their business scope, self-examination promises meet the requirements of the Drug Business quality Management Code, it was done on the spot.

For pharmacies to broaden their business scope, the threshold is low, it is easy to apply for a license, and it will undoubtedly benefit more.