CRO industry will usher in a larger market space in the future

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In the past ten years, the domestic pharmaceutical market has maintained a relatively high industry growth rate, especially after 2015, various national policies have vigorously supported the research and development of innovative drugs, and the domestic CRO industry has achieved rapid development. According to relevant statistics, from 2006 to 2013, the market size of CRO industry in China increased from 3 billion to 22 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 30%. In 2015, the market size of CRO industry was 37.9 billion yuan, including 16.4 billion yuan for preclinical CRO market and 21.5 billion yuan for clinical CRO market. Affected by the consistency evaluation, the CRO industry will also usher in a larger market space in the future. As the market space increases, opportunities and challenges follow.

Opportunities for 1. Domestic CROs
The opportunities for CRO companies come from three sources: the benefits of domestic generic drug quality and efficacy consistency evaluation policies, the shift of global R & D outsourcing to low-cost countries, and the entry of multinational pharmaceutical companies into China.
(I) Consistency Evaluation Boosts the Development of CRO
On August 18, 2015, in the "Opinions on Reforming the Review and Approval System for Drugs and Medical Devices" issued by the State Council, "improving the quality of generic drugs and accelerating the consistency evaluation of the quality of generic drugs" is the five major goals of reforming the drug review and approval system One. The introduction of policies such as the Opinions of the Office of the State Council on the Evaluation of the Quality and Efficacy of Generic Drugs has, to a certain extent, promoted the development of the CRO industry.
(II) global R & D outsourcing to low-cost countries
In recent years, the average investment in new drug research and development has been increasing worldwide, which has led to the expansion of the CRO market. However, due to the increasing cost of new drug research and development, many multinational pharmaceutical companies began to divest the non-core part of research and development and transfer it to CRO companies. China has the advantages of talent-intensive, low labor costs and other advantages, global pharmaceutical research and development activities to China and other low-cost countries.
(III) multinational pharmaceutical companies to enter China, driving the rapid development of CRO
Large international pharmaceutical companies have successively set up R & D centers in my country, placing a large number of new drug research and development work in China, providing more opportunities for the development of the CRO industry.
Challenges for 2. CROs
Opportunities often coexist with challenges. In the face of opportunities, domestic CRO companies should not be taken lightly. They should adhere to the high-quality route in order to be invincible.
Fierce competition in the (I) industry
China's CRO industry started later than abroad, which is also related to the special situation of the overall development of China's pharmaceutical industry. Since 1996, some large foreign CRO organizations such as Quintiles, Covens and Kendall have entered the Chinese market one after another. On the one hand, they have driven the development of China's CRO industry. On the other hand, they are also competing for the cake of China's CRO.
How to deal with the challenge of international counterparts and enhance their own strength to participate in international competition has become an unavoidable problem. Early domestic CRO companies have made a firm foothold in their brands, such as WuXi AppTec and Tiger Pharmaceuticals. But for the new CRO company, it seems not so easy to get a place in the CRO market.
(II) good wine is also afraid of the alley deep
In the Internet age, there is more and more information, and network information is mixed. The era of good wine not afraid of deep alleys is gone forever, relying on word of mouth has been unable to keep up with the pace of the times.
CRO company lacks projects and cannot find suitable projects. On the other hand, customers with CRO needs are stuck in the dilemma of not being able to find a reliable CRO company. CRO's model of "sitting, waiting and demanding" to take projects is too passive. How to solve the seamless connection of CRO supply and demand information and how to make domestic CRO companies stand on the same starting line with international counterparts are the problems that CRO companies and even the whole industry need to think about and solve.
3. Pharmaceutical Zhitong CRO--CRO Enterprise's Accurate Publicity Platform
Opportunities and challenges coexist, how to grasp the opportunity, face the challenge, stand out in many CRO companies, seize the market opportunity? In addition to strengthening their own strength, but also should strengthen brand building, increase publicity, so as not to be submerged in hundreds of CRO companies.
The emergence of the CRO platform provides a good publicity platform for CRO companies, changes the previous publicity and promotion mode of CRO enterprises, and opens up a new publicity channel for CRO enterprises.
Introduction to CRO of Yaozhitong
Yao Zhitong CRO is a CRO aggregation service platform under Yao Zhitong. It is also the first service platform in the country to integrate CRO resources and aggregate domestic and foreign CRO companies and CRO projects. The project covers one-stop outsourcing services such as consistency evaluation, new drug research and development, clinical trials, declaration and project planning. The platform relies on the large number of user base of the drug intelligence network and the integration of CRO resources with the help of big data analysis technology, providing CRO companies with multi-channel and all-round accurate promotion and attracting more potential high-quality customer resources.
Only those who are good at seizing opportunities can stand out, wait and see and hesitate, and will miss more good opportunities. Now entering the CRO platform of Yaozhitong can not only seize the best display space, but also obtain rich advertising space gift bags.