Multi-sectoral joint "shot" to combat unhealthy practices in the field of medicine

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Since the beginning of this year, relevant government departments have repeatedly "stepped in" to crack down on unfair competition in the pharmaceutical field. Recently, there has been a "Notice on Further Strengthening the Investigation and Handling of Unfair Competition Cases in the Pharmaceutical Field" (hereinafter referred to as the Notice) issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Competition Law Enforcement Administration.

The "Notice" clarified that it will further strengthen the investigation and punishment of commercial bribery, false propaganda and other unfair competition behaviors in the pharmaceutical field, and seriously investigate and deal with suspected commercial bribery and unfair competition behaviors such as leasing, donation, and equipment placement, bundling consumables and supporting equipment sales.

On August 28, nine ministries and commissions including the Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the ''Notice on the Key Points of the Special Governance Work for Correcting the Purchase and Sale of Medicines and Medical Services in 2017 ''. Supervision and management in the field, strict discipline in the medical service industry, standardize the rational use of medical consumables, and strengthen medical insurance.

In addition, at the 19th inter-ministerial joint meeting on correcting unhealthy tendencies in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and sale and medical services held on the same day and the video conference on the special rectification of medical consumables, Li Bin, director of the State Health and Family Planning Commission, stressed that the sense of responsibility and urgency in correcting unhealthy tendencies in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and sale and medical services should be continuously enhanced, and the annual key task of correcting unhealthy tendencies in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and medical services should be fully completed.

Li Bin requested that it is necessary to closely focus on the main points of the annual special governance work and the special rectification activity plan for medical consumables, and implement them. The first is to carry out special rectification activities for medical consumables to effectively curb and crack down on unhealthy practices in the field of medical consumables purchase and sale. Promote the "two-invoice system" for drug purchase and sale, and increase the rectification of outstanding problems. The third is to comprehensively improve the level of supervision and severely punish illegal acts such as insurance fraud and rebates. Fourth, adhere to the symptoms and root causes, punishment and prevention, and establish and improve the long-term mechanism of rectification work.

Some people in the industry said that a new round of rectification of unhealthy tendencies in the purchase and sale of medicine and medical services will begin again and will be carried out with greater efforts.

In the past August, more than 100 people, including the deans and directors of a large number of public medical institutions, fell on the road of anti-corruption. Suspected corruption, bribery, and serious violations of discipline are still the concentrated reasons for their downfall.

This time, the government agencies have issued a series of documents to rectify the situation, and a number of combined punches have been severely cracked down, which can alleviate this kind of situation.