The cost of fake diet pills is less than 10 cents, and the profit margin is as high as 9000.

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Hunan Billion Yuan Fake Weight-loss Drug Case

The cost is less than 10 cents, and the profit margin is staggering close to 9000 per cent; it is known as "foreign imports", but it is actually produced in an underground warehouse deep in the mountains that is hard for outsiders to find......

Yesterday, Loudi City, Hunan Province disclosed a case worth 100 million yuan of fake weight-loss drugs. The local police spent more than half a year investigating. With the assistance of Alibaba's big data, the three provinces of Henan, Anhui, and Hunan destroyed the sales network of toxic and harmful fake weight-loss drug manufacturing and sales gangs in more than 20 provinces. The police are making every effort to recover nearly 100 "brands" and more than 100,000 boxes of fake weight-loss drugs that have flowed across the country.

Reporters learned that China has hundreds of millions of weight-loss drug consumers. It is precisely by taking advantage of this huge market that in recent years, the illegal sale of weight-loss drugs on the Internet has developed into a black and gray industry, and it has become more and more intense.

20 kilometers away from Anhua County, Yiyang City, Hunan Province, an underground warehouse with a four-story house backed by a cliff in the depths of the mountain is stacked with capsule filling machines, various powders and capsule shells. These "equipment" can produce 10000 fake slimming capsules per hour.

Recently, the police in Loudi, Hunan investigated and dealt with this fake weight-loss drug production den and seized nearly 600000 capsules at the scene. After random inspection by the food and drug administration department, it was confirmed that most of them contained sibutramine, a toxic and harmful illegal additive prohibited by the state.

According to the information provided by the Food and Drug Administration, sibutramine is a central nervous appetite suppressant, which may cause serious side effects such as hypertension, increased heart rate, anorexia, and abnormal liver function. After taking diet pills containing sibutramine, it can cause neurological disorders and even death in severe cases, which has been banned by our country.

Homemade fake medicine: rice flour flour plus banned drugs

Wu Rong (pseudonym), a "post-90s" man with a white face and a soothing appearance, is the producer of these toxic and harmful fake weight loss capsules.

According to his account, he began selling fake diet pills two years ago. At first, I only went offline in the micro-business circle and took the goods for retail. Although I knew that the diet pills I came into contact with were not from the right source, they sold very well, with a gross profit of 200 thousands or 300 thousands yuan a year.

At the beginning of 2017, Wu Rong, who was not satisfied with being a "shrimp", decided to make his own harmful fake diet pills. In the underground warehouse of his relatives' house deep in the mountains, he used boards to separate more than 10 square meters as a production workshop.

Wu Rong bought semi-automatic capsule filling production machines, sealing machines, coding machines and other tools from Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places. He randomly combined rice flour, flour, hawthorn powder, balsam gourd powder, mint powder and other tools, added sibutramine powder, and finally poured into the capsule shell through the filling machine to make "slimming capsules".

Wu Rong said that when buying machines and raw materials, he and the merchants never asked each other about qualifications. In fact, he has neither obtained the relevant administrative license nor engaged in the pharmaceutical industry.

"If the raw materials are mixed randomly, you can eat them. The (production) technology is not very clever." Wu Rong also admitted that the capsules produced by his hands had symptoms such as anorexia, dry mouth, dizziness, and inability to sleep.

Wu Rong registered a fake company in Guangzhou and Shenzhen respectively, leaving fake phone calls and micro signals to contact and trade through social networks. There are nearly 10 mobile phone numbers in the front and back, which are frequently changed and never used for calls. Instead, buyers are drained to two micro signals.

Angelento powder is known as "Chinese herbal medicine essence"

Zhang Meng (pseudonym), born in 1992 in Weishi County, Henan Province, is the youngest but the most profitable person in this toxic and harmful weight loss product production group. He set up a micro-business system for weight loss drugs, set up "rules of the game" to control the overall situation, and was responsible for the distribution of more than 20 provinces across the country.

Zhang Meng imported harmful weight loss capsules from Wu Rong and others, and provided design drawings for manufacturers to produce packaging boxes, and then bought medicine bottles to pack their own. In order to obtain higher profits, he carefully designed more than a dozen "brands". "Imported from abroad" and "essence of Chinese herbal medicine" are the most frequently used words for his new products.

Zhang Meng explained that when consumers questioned why "traditional Chinese medicine does not have traditional Chinese medicine flavor", Zhang Meng asked Wu Rong to buy angelnata powder and mix it with raw materials to make traditional Chinese medicine flavor.

The police told reporters that the cost of fake weight-loss drugs produced by Wu Rong was less than 10 cents per pill, and the external sales were 3 to 50 cents. Zhang Meng from Wu Rong and other channels to purchase, change hands through layers of distribution, the highest can sell 10 yuan a grain, profit margin as high as 900 to 1900. If the profit from Wu Rong's "private housing factory", the profit margin of nearly 9000.

According to preliminary statistics, from the beginning of production in March 2017 to the arrest in July, Wu Rong accumulated nearly 10 million yuan involved in the production of fake weight-loss capsules. Zhang Meng sold a total of 30000 to 40000 boxes of fake weight-loss drugs, involving more than 10 million yuan, and the two involved a total of more than 30 million yuan. Counting circulation and other links, the total amount involved in the case was hundreds of millions of yuan.

Buy medicine to recognize the "national medicine standard word"

Hou Difan, director of the Loudi Food and Drug Administration, said that when consumers buy weight-loss products, they must distinguish whether they are buying health food or medicine. If it is a drug, it must have the "National Medicine Approval Document Number"; if it is a health food, the outer package should be printed with the "National Food and Health (Health) Approval Document Number", and the approval document number of regular drugs and health foods is in the State Food and Drug Administration. It can be found on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration. If you feel that the purchase of weight loss products is suspicious, you can call the food and drug complaint reporting telephone for consultation and reflection. (Text/Xinhua News Agency reporter Shi Weiyan)