20 times the price! 400 kinds of hospital preparations were sold at high prices.

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Shanghai Changzheng Hospital's original price of 5.6 yuan of homemade liniment was sold to 123 yuan, Beijing Tongren Hospital's original price of 5.68 yuan of "sulfa borneol cream" was sold to 88 yuan high price ...... Recently, the reporter received the reader broke the news, some unscrupulous merchants in the online high-priced speculation big hospital star hospital preparations.

Reporters found that this phenomenon is really not uncommon. There are several blogs on the Internet that specialize in reselling self-made medicines from hospitals, selling nearly 400 kinds of medicines from more than 20 large tertiary hospitals, including Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, PLA General Hospital, and Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

Nearly 400 kinds of self-made drugs are sold at high prices.

The reporter saw in a blog named "Red Gauze Strip of Qinbai Furong Ointment in Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital" that in addition to the "Sulfonamide Borneol Ointment" sold by Beijing Tongren Hospital, there are nearly 400 kinds of self-made medicines in major hospitals, such as "Eczema Healing Cream" in Beijing Children's Hospital, "Compound Cang'erzi Tablets" in Peking University Third Hospital, and "Pearl Scald" in Beijing Xuanwu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, each blog post of purchasing drugs on behalf of others is accompanied by drug information such as real pictures, curative effect and usage of the corresponding drugs.

As early as June 1, 2016, the blog had released the news of "Beijing traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Qinbai Ointment purchasing agent", and the latest one was "Beijing traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Sanfu paste purchasing agent" on July 3 ". And another blog called "purchasing drugs for trauma and pain relief cream rhinitis No.3" has been purchasing drugs on behalf of others since July 15, 2015, and is still being updated today.

The reporter contacted the blogger through WeChat, and his WeChat circle of friends is also selling hospital drugs. During the conversation, the blogger admitted that he was not a doctor, but he could register to open his own medicine in major hospitals. "We all go to the hospital to register, absolutely quality fidelity." The blogger pledged his word.

There are many risks of online shopping in-hospital preparations.

Hospital preparations are often made by hospitals based on years of clinical experience. Compared with similar drugs, they are often targeted and cheap, and are trusted by patients.

The Health Times has reported on small prescriptions for in-hospital preparations in major hospitals across the country. For example, Tongren Hospital's sulfa borneol ointment has excellent effects in treating rhinitis. A box of skin cream from the Capital Institute of Pediatrics has always been popular with mothers and is the "star drug" for children. The "red gauze" that played a miraculous role in Wenchuan earthquake can be called the trump sore healing medicine of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the price is less than 10 yuan. According to the reporter's understanding, on a certain product website, the "red gauze" of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has been fired to 135 yuan.

However, these drugs belong to the hospital's internal preparations and are inexpensive, but they need to be purchased through queuing registration and doctors prescribing. They require patients to spend a lot of time and energy. Many people prefer to spend more money on the Internet. For businesses, high-priced speculation is still a vast market, and it is not surprising that they take risks in order to make huge profits.

Gao Rui, deputy director of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said: According to relevant regulations, in-hospital preparations are only allowed to be purchased with a doctor's prescription in the hospital to which the preparation belongs, and are not allowed to be sold outside the hospital. There are many risks in selling hospital preparations online.

On the one hand, any drug has a certain scope of application. Patients may purchase drugs by themselves before diagnosis, which may lead to delay or aggravate the disease, and have a higher risk of medication. According to insiders of Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, "red gauze" has a miraculous effect on detoxification and muscle growth and promotion of sore healing. However, red powder, one of its main components, is a moderately toxic drug. It must be determined to meet the indications of "red gauze" after diagnosis by doctors, strictly control the dosage and use it under correct guidance, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

On the other hand, the source of drugs sold online is unknown and the quality is worrying. It is not ruled out that illegal businesses make counterfeit drugs for profiteering, and patients buy counterfeit and inferior drugs, which not only harms health, but also may have no way to protect their rights.

Private reselling of self-made pharmaceuticals is suspected of illegal

Hospital since the pharmaceutical, the official name is "medical institutions preparations". According to the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Registration of Preparations in Medical Institutions" (for Trial Implementation) promulgated by the former State Food and Drug Administration in 2005, "preparations for medical institutions" refer to fixed prescriptions prepared by medical institutions according to the clinical needs of their units and approved for self-use. Preparation.

Zhang Xinnian, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi law firm, said that according to the relevant provisions of the current drug administration law revised in 2015, the hospital's self-made preparations should be the products that the unit needs but are not available on the market, and can only be prepared after approval by the provincial drug administration department; the preparation process must be strictly inspected according to the regulations, and can only be used in the hospital, It can not be circulated to the outside world, Only under special circumstances, and approved by the competent department, can be transferred between designated medical institutions.

Zhang Xinnian stressed that it is an administrative illegal act to sell or disguise hospital self-pharmaceuticals in any form outside the hospital or on the Internet, and the circumstances are serious and can even be investigated for criminal responsibility.

Article 72 of the "Drug Administration Law" stipulates, "Those who produce or sell drugs without obtaining the" Drug Production License "," Drug Trade License "or" Medical Institution Preparation License "shall be banned in accordance with the law, and illegal production shall be confiscated., The drugs sold and the illegal income, and a fine of two to five times the value of the drugs illegally produced and sold (including sold and unsold drugs); if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law". In addition, articles 16 and 21 of the measures for the Supervision and Administration of Drug Circulation stipulate that "drug trading enterprises shall not purchase and sell preparations prepared by medical institutions" and "drug production and trading enterprises shall not sell prescription drugs directly to the public by means of postal sales or Internet transactions".

In other words, these "medical institution preparations" can only be purchased and used by prescription in preparation units, and they are not available in the market, and qualified drug trading enterprises are not allowed to purchase and sell them. It is even more illegal to operate without a license online and purchase and sell hospital preparations on their own behalf.

Long road to conversion of hospital preparations into new drugs

Lawyer Zhang Xinnian suggested that at the same time, the relevant departments should guide hospitals to turn some self-made drugs with remarkable curative effects into national drug standard names, increase policy and financial support, and even hand them over to professional drug manufacturers for mass production, so as to benefit more patients.

However, there is a long way to go from hospital preparations to new drugs.

Gao Rui introduced that hospital preparations are drugs that have preliminary curative effects on certain diseases based on the application experience of our hospital, and the effectiveness and safety data have been preliminarily confirmed. The research foundation is relatively weak, and it needs to be applied under the guidance of the doctor's prescription in our hospital, and has not been fully introduced to the market. The standard of new drugs with Chinese medicine quasi-brand name is higher than that of in-hospital preparations. In order to transform in-hospital preparations into new drugs, more rigorous experimental data on pharmacy, pharmacology, toxicology and animal effectiveness are needed, and large-scale 2. phase III clinical trials in human body are needed to integrate their safety and effectiveness in order to become new drugs with Chinese medicine quasi-brand name.

In this process, only a small part of in-hospital preparations can be converted into new drugs, and more in-hospital preparations cannot be converted into new drugs due to problems such as insufficient safety, effectiveness, and insufficient data during the conversion of new drugs. New drugs.

Gao Rui reminded patients that there are some uncertain factors in the application of hospital preparations. Patients should go to the hospital to which the hospital preparations belong and purchase drugs with a doctor's prescription, so that the effectiveness and safety of the drugs can be best guaranteed and better play the role of hospital preparations. Lack of doctor guidance link and choose to buy drugs online, there will be great application risk. (reporter bu wen intern reporter qi yu)