2017 China Pharmaceutical Retail Industry Information Conference Held

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Recently, the 2017 China Pharmaceutical Retail Industry Information Conference (Sipu) was held in Boao, Hainan. As an annual event in the field of pharmaceutical retail in China, the Western Conference has entered its tenth year. The theme of this year's conference is "Building a Blueprint-Market Awakening Focusing on Demand". Under this theme, thousands of business leaders and industry elites gathered together to discuss the annual hot information of China's pharmaceutical retail industry such as policy, economy and market.

During this period, the closed-door meeting of "Win-Win China OTC Market" sponsored by Bayer Health Consumer Goods received the common attention of authoritative experts in the pharmaceutical industry and many well-known chain drugstores in China. More than 40 industry experts and drugstore representatives at the meeting talked about the current hot and focused topics in the over-the-counter (OTC) market and made suggestions for win-win China OTC market.

Over-the-counter drug market has broad prospects and public health needs need to be met

In recent years, as the concept of big health has been widely recognized by the public and the development of the pharmaceutical industry has been further standardized, my country's pharmaceutical OTC market has ushered in a new opportunity for vigorous development, and the market development prospects are very broad.

Huang Xinfeng, vice president of sales for Bayer Health Consumer Products China, said that as a leader in the OTC industry, Bayer has been committed to providing consumers with more high quality self-care solutions for many years to meet the diverse health needs of Chinese consumers. "We work with our partners to expand channels and achieve broader geographical coverage. Through online and offline linkages, Bayer's high-quality products and services are more within reach. At the same time, Bayer is an active promoter of the 'concept of self-care. After joining China's first 'self-care alliance', Bayer will work with all sectors of society to strengthen and promote health education and improve the health awareness and health literacy level of the Chinese people." Huang Xinfeng said.

When talking about market strategy and innovation, He Yong, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation of Bayer Health Consumer Goods China, said: "As one of the world's leading health consumer goods companies, Bayer has a strong brand in all important areas of self-care. In 2014, taking the acquisition of Dianhong Pharmaceutical as an opportunity, Bayer officially entered the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Adhering to the mission of' science and technology to create and beautify life', Bayer takes the OTC listing of Danfukang decoction as the starting point, and innovates and develops traditional Chinese medicine through high and new technology, so that traditional prescriptions can benefit more consumers under the bearing of modern science and technology. In the future, we will continue to innovate and launch new products to meet the unmet health needs of Chinese consumers."

It is reported that as a well-known Fortune 500 company, Bayer has a history of 135 years in China. China is also the world's second largest market for Bayer's health consumer goods after the United States. After the acquisition of Merck Health Consumer Goods Division and Yunnan Dianhong Pharmaceutical, Bayer Health Consumer Goods has become the number one multinational OTC manufacturing company in China.

The new medical reform continues to boost the upgrading of the pharmaceutical retail industry.

For the chain pharmaceutical industry, the new medical reform brings both challenges and opportunities. The famous economist Lang Xianping pointed out that with the successive introduction of a series of medical reform policies, the future drug retail market capacity will be extremely broad, especially the "main market" of drug allocation in the future will be transferred from hospitals to retail pharmacies, indicating that the separation of medicines has become an inevitable trend. In order to better improve and implement the policy of separating medicine from medicine, pharmaceutical enterprises should constantly improve their competitiveness and service quality, so as to make themselves bigger and stronger.

In addition, nowadays, people's living standards continue to improve, and they pay more and more attention to life and health, and people's ability of self-diagnosis and treatment has also begun to increase significantly. Under the guidance of this concept of focusing on healthy life, various health-related products have become popular, and self-care has become one of the most extensive topics and needs of society. To this end, Lang Xianping suggested that chain pharmacies should lengthen their product lines and expand their business varieties in order to remain invincible in the market competition. Characteristic management and diversification strategy will become the main competitive means of chain drugstores.

Innovative use of big data means to achieve drug retail precision service

Wang Qin, general manager of the purchasing center of the people's pharmacy chain Co., Ltd., pointed out that the arrival of the era of consumer sovereignty means that consumers begin to grasp the actual initiative in market transactions. Compared with prescription drugs, OTC can better reflect the characteristics of the era of consumer sovereignty. To win the consumer-led OTC market, pharmaceutical retailers need to explore and establish innovative business models.

Wang Qin said that the new business model will pay more attention to the efficacy of drugs, improve professional services and optimize consumer experience. Through online and offline linkage, word-of-mouth drainage; Through big data accurate customer portraits, understand the opinions of consumers; Customize consumer activities according to the information of these consumer portraits, and at the same time tap category growth points to achieve category-oriented business growth; And on this basis to further enhance the degree of specialization.

Wang Qin stressed that it is necessary to understand the needs of consumers through big data, and continue to provide consumers with high quality products and professional services, so as to enhance consumers' awareness of self-care and establish consumers' trust and close ties with pharmaceutical retail enterprises and manufacturers.

Participants also said that with the gradual deepening of the new round of medical reform and the popularity of the concept of big health, the reform and innovation of the OTC market has begun. The proposal of the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline has promoted the macro The development of the big health industry has made health management, chronic disease management, and patient education promising. With the structural adjustment and continuous upgrading of the OTC industry, the public will use safer and effective drugs to further improve the health literacy of the whole people.