China Resources Launches Pharmaceutical Retail Business

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On July 26, China Resources Pharmaceutical Business Group's Qingdao Dexin Bank Huiyou Pharmacy was officially unveiled. The pharmacy is the flagship store of China Resources Pharmaceutical Business Group's retail business in Qingdao. At the unveiling ceremony, Li Xiangming, general manager of China Resources Pharmaceutical Business Group, made the above statement. And "Dexin", a time-honored brand with a history of nearly a hundred years, will be the next unified brand of China Resources in the field of pharmaceutical retail.

Industry insiders believe that CR's efforts in the field of drug retail undoubtedly see a bright future for retail pharmacies.

For a long time, the main channel of drug sales in my country is hospitals, and retail pharmacies have not yet become the main terminal of pharmaceutical sales. However, against developed countries, my country's pharmacies still have huge development potential. Statistics show that in 2016, China's drug sales through hospitals accounted for 64% of the total drug sales, while drug sales through pharmacies accounted for only 10%. In the United States, sales through pharmacies accounted for 49% of overall drug sales, in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan, the proportion was 86%, 49%, and 54%, respectively.

Zhan Haitao, assistant general manager of China Resources Pharmaceutical Business Group, said that a number of policies that have been introduced in the new round of medical reform, such as "separation of medicine" and "graded diagnosis and treatment", are good for the development of retail pharmacies.

From the experience of developed countries, after the separation of medicine, the retail terminal will become the main drug sales terminal channel.

In the view of Zhan Haitao and many industry insiders, with the advancement of the new medical reform, the next 10 years will be the 10 years of in-depth implementation of the "separation of medicine.

According to relevant policies, before the end of September this year, my country will comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, and all public hospitals will cancel the drug addition (except for Chinese herbal pieces), and realize the decoupling of drug sales profits from hospital operating profits. In the next 10 years, drug retail consumption information and prescription information, medical insurance settlement information interconnection, pharmacy classification policy implementation, which will promote drugstores to take over the hospital outflow of prescriptions. From the perspective of the farther future, "pharmacies will not only provide professional pharmaceutical services for patients, but also become the main body of medical insurance to provide drug welfare management." War Haitao said.

It is understood that China Resources currently has more than 700 medical and health retail stores across the country, and has a large-scale layout in the pharmaceutical retail field in Shandong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Zhejiang and other places. In 2016, CR's sales in the pharmaceutical retail sector were 3.8 billion yuan, ranking eighth in the country. In order to achieve the goal of entering the top three, China Resources has made a strategic plan-to develop "professional pharmacies" and "community chain pharmacies" as its core business, explore "service retail business", and increase efforts to promote the construction of retail stores. Among them, professional pharmacies will feature high-end drugs such as anti-tumor and immune preparations and continue to expand their services to relevant groups. Community pharmacies are positioned to cover consumers at different levels of demand and provide diversified categories and services. In addition, relying on the overseas purchasing advantages of "China Resources Hall" and combining e-commerce through physical stores, they will develop large health businesses.

The inaugurated Qingdao Dexin Huiyou Pharmacy is the first DTP pharmacy established in Shandong Province, which specializes in high-end anti-tumor drugs. A series of links such as prescription review, medical insurance payment, and charity support can be completed in the pharmacy, which greatly facilitates patients. With only 800 square meters of stores, the sales revenue of 0.393 billion yuan was realized in 2016.

At the unveiling ceremony, China Resources Pharmaceutical Retail Group, a subsidiary of China Resources Pharmaceutical Business Group, announced its cooperation with a number of charities to actively carry out patient charity assistance programs. Among them, the China Charity Federation announced that it would set up its 11 drug aid projects at Huiyou Pharmacy in Qingdao Dexin to facilitate patients to apply for aid and obtain drugs. Statistics show that in 2016, the above 11 drug aid projects assisted a total of 10864 people in Qingdao, involving 0.24 billion yuan.

On the same day, the "Slow Friends Help Love Raise" public welfare project announced the landing of China Resources Pharmaceutical Retail Group and will carry out love activities in all retail stores of China Resources Pharmaceutical Retail Group. The project was initiated by the China Primary Health Care Foundation Life Oasis Patient Assistance Public Welfare Fund, and is aimed at patients with serious illnesses from poor families.

It is reported that at present, the serious illness medical insurance charity pharmacy network under the China Resources Pharmaceutical Business Group has covered 44 cities. Through communication and docking with various foundations, the charity concept pharmacy pilot has been carried out in the form of regional pilot-comprehensive promotion.