Pharmaceutical Sales Company Summarizes Work in First Half of Year

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News from our newspaper  7Month12On the same day, the pharmaceutical sales company held a working meeting for the first half of the year to summarize the work for the first half of the year and clarify the work objectives for the second half of the year.

The office managers of the terminal and the five key account managers of the agent respectively summarized the work of their respective regions in the first half of the year from the aspects of work completion, product sales and existing problems. Xu Junxiong, executive deputy general manager of the pharmaceutical sales company, summarized the sales company's situation in the first half of the year from the aspects of agency and terminal sales data, work highlights, existing problems, etc., and arranged the work for the next stage from the aspects of Berunning's network, purification of agents, construction of two wings of the provincial bureau, mixed sales mode, professional team building, improvement of academic participation, execution, etc. Zhou Wenyi, general manager of pharmaceutical sales company, also introduced the work direction of the sales company in the next stage from the aspects of product promotion, sales mode, sales expenses and policy adjustment according to the current market situation.

Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, attended the meeting and commented on the preliminary work of the sales company. He asked the sales company to be forward-looking and to further clarify the sales flow. Agency sales should set up a professional management echelon to carry out nationwide coverage management; Terminal sales should step up development efforts and strengthen incentive policies for undeveloped areas.