A vegetarian full meal? You may have bought fake supplements

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What are the flaws in the packaging of fake cigarettes and wine? How to distinguish between genuine and fake salt and soy sauce? Starbucks instant coffee is a fake? On the 3rd, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, in conjunction with the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, held the 2017 Provincial Food Safety Awareness Week in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, to combat food crime theme awareness activities, in kind, video, pictures, text and other forms for the public to send a food safety lesson, protect the public "tongue safety".

The author learned from the event site that since 2015, the province's public security organs have established more than 7090 food and drug crimes through various crackdowns, criminally detained more than 9550 people, and arrested more than 7520 people. Among them, the "Qingyuan" operation established more than 170 criminal cases of illegally adding food, arrested more than 270 suspects and arrested more than 100 people.

Hot-selling health care products are counterfeitThe amount involved exceeds one million

At the end of last year, the Guangzhou police received relevant clues from the higher-level public security organs, saying that they found that illegal businesses were selling counterfeit health food of "×× Li brand 159 vegetarian full meal". The food, drug and environmental crime investigation detachment of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau immediately conducted a preliminary investigation. The investigation found that an underground factory in Taihe Town, Baiyun District, was producing the brand food mentioned in the clue.

On March 30 this year, after having obtained sufficient evidence, the police handling the case raided the above-mentioned places in accordance with the law and seized a large number of counterfeit brand foods such as "x Zhen sou la enzyme jelly" and "x x Li brand 159 vegetarian full meal". among them, more than 6000 boxes of enzyme jelly finished products, 159 vegetarian full meal finished products, more than 16000 packaging materials, 1 plastic bag sealing machine and more than 6000 anti-counterfeiting labels were seized. The scene was arrested 10 suspects in packaging production.

According to the police handling the case, the above-mentioned brand health food seized was identified as a health food with a counterfeit registered trademark by the authorized agent of the trademark owner. "There are no ingredients shown on the packaging in the product, and the effect of its publicity cannot be achieved."

The market value of the articles involved in the case was initially identified as more than 100 million yuan. At present, all 10 suspects have been criminally detained in accordance with the law, and the case is under further investigation.

The police handling the case told the author that most of the health products seized this time were sold through the Internet or stores without sales qualifications. It is recommended that the masses purchase them through formal channels such as brand stores.

Chlorotoxin added to seafoodSeveral suspects were arrested.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Haizhu District Branch of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, in conjunction with the District Food and Drug Administration, conducted on-site spot checks on seafood sold at a number of seafood sales stalls in the district, and found that the anoramphenicol in a seafood stall on Yile Road was positive, and law enforcement officers immediately seized the anoramicin from the stall.

A few days later, the police conducted another random inspection of another batch of flower armor at the stall, and the test results showed that the flower armor samples still contained chlorotoxin.

On March 22, the Haizhu District Public Security Bureau and the District Food and Drug Administration conducted a surprise inspection of the stall and summoned Cheng, the actual operator of the stall, to investigate.

After examination, the suspect confessed that in order to seek benefits, he continued to sell chloramphenicol flower armour even though he was repeatedly punished by the administrative department. The Haizhu District Public Security Bureau detained the suspect Cheng Xifang in accordance with the law, and the case is still under investigation.

Coincidentally, in the first quarter of this year, the Guangzhou Panyu police took the initiative to carry out an inspection and rectification of the aquatic product market, and cracked 5 consecutive cases of illegal addition of aquatic products.

According to the data, from January to April this year, Guangzhou police carried out a special rectification operation involving food safety crimes in the "two festivals". During the operation, a total of 48 food illegal and criminal cases involving meat products, illegal slaughtering of pigs, fake salt, fake condiments, fake wine, fake health food and illegal addition of food were cracked down, 8 gangs were destroyed, 48 black workshops and black dens were destroyed, and 78 people were detained according to law. (Reporter/Wu Ke Correspondent/Liu Xing, Huang Kangling, Liu Hanli, Zhang Yitao, Chen Yumin)