Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory Strengthened System Assessment

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5Since January, the new general responsibility system of the peak pharmaceutical factory has been implemented for nearly two months, and the effect is obvious.

After Jinxi and Qiubin factories were merged into Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, the pharmaceutical factory revised and improved the general responsibility system on the original basis, aiming to improve the on-site management of the enterprise and the working status of employees by strengthening management and assessment. The new general responsibility system includes three major items: labor discipline, attendance system, and quality rewards and punishments. The safety and environmental protection management assessment and quality management assessment methods have been reformulated, as well as the office environmental sanitation assessment plan.

After a period of study and implementation of labor discipline, the pharmaceutical factory did not clock in and out of work, arrived late and left early, slept on duty, strung on duty, left on duty, smoked without fixed points, parked vehicles without designated positions, and did not wear safety helmets. The implementation of the quality reward and punishment standard further standardized the production process, employees consciously corrected bad habits, rewarded the good and punished the bad, and improved the product quality steadily; the safety and environmental protection management assessment system enables employees to have a deeper understanding of safety and environmental protection, establishes a full-staff, all-round and all-time environmental protection awareness, and realizes the importance of safety and environmental protection to production. The office environment of each workshop and logistics department is also clean and tidy, changing the previous messy phenomenon.

The person in charge of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory said that the purpose of the assessment is to increase execution, improve the professional development of employees, ensure that safety, environmental protection, and fire protection are implemented level by level, prevent the occurrence of various accidents, and ensure the strict implementation of production processes and operating procedures., To ensure that the quality of the products that leave the factory is effectively guaranteed, and to allow employees to have the most basic qualities, to further promote the normal development of various tasks, and to a new level of enterprise management. The new system will also be continuously adjusted according to the actual production work to ensure the daily production management of the pharmaceutical factory. (Ye Congcong)