National Development and Reform Commission: All Public Hospitals Cancel Drug Addition by the End of September

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Hu Zucai, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said that local price authorities should actively and steadily promote the price reform of medical services in accordance with the principle of "total amount control, structural adjustment, rising and falling, and gradually in place" and in combination with local reality.

All cancel the drug addition. All levels and types of public hospitals will cancel the drug addition before the end of September, and drugs other than Chinese herbal pieces will be sold at zero margin. The reasonable income reduced by abolishing the drug addition is mainly compensated by adjusting the price of medical services, and doing a good job in linking up with the financial investment policy, promoting the elimination of "replenishing medicine with medicine", and establishing a new compensation mechanism in line with the characteristics of the medical industry.

Optimize the price structure of medical services. In accordance with the requirements of "controlling the total amount, making space, adjusting the structure, and ensuring convergence", dynamically adjust the price of medical services, and gradually straighten out the price comparison relationship. The focus is to increase the prices of items such as diagnosis and treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, nursing, and Chinese medicine that reflect the value of medical personnel's technical services, and reduce the prices of large-scale medical equipment inspection, treatment and inspection.

Synchronous supporting related reforms. Strengthen the coordination and linkage with the reform policies of medicine, medical insurance and medical care, and advance simultaneously. In particular, we should do a good job in the connection with the medical insurance policy, and the adjusted medical service charges should be included in the scope of medical insurance payment. It is necessary to make room for adjusting the price of medical services by standardizing diagnosis and treatment behavior and reducing the cost of drugs and consumables. It is necessary to promote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, modern hospital management system and strengthen comprehensive supervision to form a synergistic effect of reform.

Balance the interests of interested parties. Correctly handle the relationship between medical institutions, medical insurance funds, patients and other parties, make overall plans and take into account the interests of all parties, and ensure the healthy operation of medical institutions, the affordability of medical insurance funds, and the overall burden on the masses.