The National Development and Reform Commission issued the "13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Biological Industry": Experts suggest that enterprises seize the opportunity to accelerate transformation and upgrading.

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Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission officially issued the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Biological Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which proposed to build a new biomedical system, including new drug creation, precision medicine, gene technology, cell engineering, and image information. The database network will become the focus of future attention. In this regard, Wu Zhaohui, secretary general of the China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association, suggested that biomedical companies should seize opportunities, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and concentrate on integrating resources to become bigger and stronger.

The ''Planning'' pointed out that it is necessary to grasp the trend changes of the precision medicine model to promote the revolution in drug research and development, based on the revolutionary changes brought about by advanced technologies such as genetic technology and cell engineering, accelerate the speed of new drug research and development, improve drug quality, and better meet the needs of clinical drug use and industry development to the middle and high end. By 2020, the sales revenue of the pharmaceutical industry will reach 4.5 trillion billion yuan, and the added value will account for 3.6 percent of the national industrial added value.

In this regard, Wu Zhaohui said that in recent years, my country's pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly. It is expected that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the biomedical industry will also maintain a momentum of rapid growth. The objectives set out in the Plan are appropriate and reasonable and fully capable of being achieved.

Wu Zhaohui said that the biological industry is a big concept, and the most important part of it is the biomedical industry. With the implementation of the national strategy and the development of biotechnology, the key directions of the future development of the biomedical industry, such as immunotherapy, cell therapy and gene technology, will be rapidly improved, which will help to solve the problem of the treatment of human genetic diseases, improve the average life expectancy of the people, and have a profound impact on human health.

At present, the development situation of China's biomedical industry is good, but the whole industry is still in the early stage of development. There are many, small and scattered problems in biomedical companies, which affect the normal development of the biomedical industry. Wu Zhaohui believes that the formation of a healthy development of the biomedical industry requires the joint efforts of government departments, R & D institutions and enterprises. The promulgation of the "Plan" shows that the national level attaches great importance to the development of the biomedical industry. He suggested that relevant enterprises and R & D institutions should seize the current good opportunity to develop and grow. (Intern reporter Liu Bo)